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More knowledge about free tradeCountries like Chile and Scotland have a competitive edge supported by free trade agreements with big salmon markets. Researchers at the Business School in Bodø want to find out more about how these agreements affect the competitiveness of Norwegian salmon. knowledge about free trade
Passion for weird fishDoctoral fellow Helene Rønquist Knutsen (25) has a thing for weird fish and she wants to help more people put them on the dinner table. for weird fish.aspxPassion for weird fish
Seagrass in Nature articleResearch from Nord University, published in Nature, shows that normal seagrass changed its genetic material over time. in Nature article
Prestigious project for University of NordlandProfessor Jorge M.O.Fernandes at the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA), University of Nordland, was this week awarded NOK 25 million for epigenetics research. project for University of Nordland
Borders as opportunities - new bookA new book with contributions from UiN aims to promote cultural contact between Western Europe and Russia, says Jan Selmer Mehti, FSV. as opportunities - new book
Digitalization and Humanization in Health Education- Nursing cannot be trained. It can only be educated, says Professor Gary Rolfe. and Humanization in Health Education