Disputas: Alin Ake Kob Rodriguez

Disputas: Alin Ake Kob Rodriguez
Ph.d.-kandidat Alin Ake Kob Rodriguez skal holde prøveforelesning og disputas for graden Philosophiae Doctor (ph.d.) i sosiologi ved Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap, Nord universitet.
Ph.d.-kandidat Alin Ake Kob Rodriguez.

Tittel på avhandlingen:

The use of an AI sensor in the practice of end-of-life care for elder people in Norway

Tittel på prøveforelesningen:

How does the idea of the "home as a place to die" inform the way we might design and use new technologies and treat carers in a way that is consistent with our values and the way we would wish to die?

Tid for prøveforelesning: 11:15 – 12:15
Tid for disputas: 13:45 – 15:30
Språk: Prøveforelesning og disputas foregår på engelsk
Sted: Digitalt
Disputasleder: Dekan Elisabet Ljunggren


  • Førsteamanuensis James Stewart, University of Edinburg
  • Førsteamanuensis Gunhild Tøndel, NTNU
  • Førsteamanuensis Guro Wisth Øydgard, Nord universitet


  • Hovedveileder: Professor Janne Breimo, Nord universitet
  • Intern medveileder: Professor Christian Lo, Nord universitet
  • Ekstern medveileder: Professor Sampsa Hyysalo, Aalto University, Finland

Prøveforelesning og disputasen er åpen for alle interesserte tilhørere. Avhandlingen blir tilgjengelig for gjennomsyn ved å kontakte Anneli M. Watterud, e-post: anneli.m.watterud@nord.no.

Om avhandlingen:

This reseach offers a fine-grained description of the implementation and use of an AIdriven movement sensor with camera and microphone in public services for elder people in Norway. In the context of a demographic imbalance, European states are modifying their eldercare regimes; Norway’s transition from facility-based care to services at home was entangled with its implementation of Active Assisted Living Technologies (AAL). Care is a practice of support that humans need at different stages of life, from childhood to elderhood. Current studies identify the end of life as a period from three to four years before death that can be experienced due to different circumstances, one of them being an advanced age. This research is delimited to endof-life eldercare. The objective of the study isto provide a thorough account of how the implementation and use of an AI sensor prefigured changes to end-of-life care work practices and to contribute to sociological inquiry on the implementation of technology in care services. The study takes an everyday sociological perspective of care; that is to say, it approaches the subject from the standpoint of those who perform it on the ground: the care workers. In order to collect data, I worked with care workers as their assistant for 244 hours of full shifts throughout the mornings, afternoons and nights, and conducted 70 ethnographic interviews. The analysis of the intersection of end-of-life eldercare practices and technology implementation was conducted through ethnographic interpretation, Situational Analysis, and Theodor Schatzki’s social practice theory.

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