Clara Isabel Wagner

Stipendiat Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
+47 75 51 79 17
Bodø, Torggården 403

About me

Research interests 

Evolutionary genomics and transcriptomics

Population genomics

Host-parasite coevolution


I obtained my bachelor and master degree from the University of Münster, Germany, under the supervision of Susann Wicke and Joachim Kurtz. For my undergrad research, I first worked on transgenerational effects of RNAi in genes involved in epigenetic modifications, using an insect model. I then switched to the field of host-parasite coevolution, examining transcriptomic interactions in a fish-parasite system. Parasitic tapeworms possess complex life cycles during which they infect numerous consecutive host species, a lifestyle shared with many human pathogens. Using RNASeq, I examined the response of tapeworms to these challenging shifts in their environment. 

With my ongoing PhD project under the supervision of Leslie Noble, Galice Hoarau and Catherine Jones (University of Aberdeen, UK), I now focus on evolutionary genomics in sharks, basing on de novo genome assembly approaches. Shark genomes are notoriously understudied, mostly due to their large sizes and complexity. Further genomic research will elucidate the genetic basis of their evolutionary history, of the ecological role they play, and allow the development of tools to monitor population health and persistence in a rapidly changing environment. Furthermore, I am continuing my work on host-parasite interactions, and explore the population genomics of multiple shark species. 



Project member of "Student Active Learning": Development and implementation of new teaching methods at the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture 

Course development, teaching and field assistant, Marine Ecology course

Course development and teaching assistant, Cell Biology and Chemistry course

(Co-) Supervision of undergrad projects


Course development and teaching assistant, Genomics and Bioinformatics course

Tutor and student research assistant, Animal Evolutionary Ecology Research Group, University of Münster, Germany