Diplomas and transcripts


A diploma and diploma supplement are issued upon the completion of a degree or vocational training, including the one-year programme in educational theory and practice (PPU), or other programme of study that corresponds to a minimum of two (2) years of full-time study.

Your Diploma is digital and available in the Diploma Registry​. Diplomas contain the student’s grades and a description of the study programme. 

If you are an international student, you will receive a paper diploma. Read more under Paper Diplomas below.

Diploma Registry

In the Diploma Registry,  you will find your results achieved at higher education institutions in Norway. Here you can share your results digitally with other educational institutions, potential employers and other parties. From the registry, you can print and share your diploma. The service is free of charge.

Access to the Diploma Registry:
To gain access to the Diploma Registry, former students must have a Norwegian national identity number or D number. If you have a D number, you are advised to obtain an electronic ID, for example MinID.​

Results dating back in time:
Unfortunately, not all results are recorded in the registry. In that case, contact your educational institution and request a transcript of records or confirmation of your degree.

Paper Diplomas

Students will find their digital diplomas and confirmation of grade in the Diploma Registry

International students will in addition receive a paper diploma. If you are an international student, the diploma will be sent to your registered home address (you can find it in Studentweb under “Home address”). You can update the address in the ​National Population Register

If you move from Norway, you need to send an e-mail to exam@nord.no​​ with the address to which you want the diploma sent to. ​

Take care of your paper diploma, it will be issued only once!

Application for paper diploma
If you have received a digital diploma, but need to present a diploma on paper to educational institutions or employers abroad, you can apply to have a paper diploma issued. Do not request a paper diploma until the need arises.

>> Application form for paper diploma

What is the Diploma Supplement? 

A Diploma Supplement (DS) is a supplement in English that is issued along with your diploma. This gives information about the student's education and Norway’s education system. 

All degree students at Nord University are issued a Diploma Supplement free of charge. The Diploma Supplement is available in the Diploma Registry, and is valid only in conjunction with the diploma. For those receiving a paper diploma, the DS will also will be sent with your diploma

Duplicate of your diploma

If your diploma is lost or damaged, you may in special cases apply for the issuance of a duplicate diploma, cf. Section 12-1 (5) of the Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at Nord​ University. The diploma will be marked as a duplicate. 

Documentation of the loss or damage is required, e.g. copy of the police report if it has been stolen, or confirmation from the insurance company in the event of fire or water damage. The student will be required to pay a replacement fee. 

In cases where duplicates cannot be granted, students may obtain a confirmation of their degree along with a grade transcript. You can also use the Diploma Registry to share your results and confirmation of grade electronically.

Elective bachelor degree

If you meet the requirements of the Regulations for Studies an​d Examinations at Nord University § 2-3 (1 b & c), you may apply for the conferral of an elective bachelor degree.

Applications are approved on the basis of completed courses.

For advice regarding which programmes and/or courses are suited to an elective bachelor degree, contact the relevant study advisor.

Application form for elective bachelor

Transcript of records

A transcript of records is an overview of achieved results that do not lead or have led to a degree or vocational education. The transcript does not contain a description of the course of study, but includes an overview of courses passed and grades awarded.

Order a transcript of records

If you require a transcript during or after the course of your studies, you may order it in Studentweb or Diploma Registry.

In Studentweb:
Click on "More" and "Orders" in the top menu. Once the order has been made, it will take a few minutes for the transcript to appear under "Documents." The transcript of records is electronically signed.

Documentation of improvement of grade

If a student improves a grade in a course that is included in the basis for the diploma, it will be documented by a separate grade transcript in accordance with Section 12-1, (4) of the Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at Nord University.


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