Digital examinations

About Inspera

Most submissions as well as an increasing share of written school exams are to be conducted using Inspera. The tool maintains anonymity. Access and rights are awarded based on what role individuals hold in an exam situation. Roles in Inspera include student, course officer/author, examiner, exam supervisor and study administration employees. The course officer/author creates the exam assignments and the examiner assesses using this tool once the exam deadline has expired.

As a student, you will have your own page (dashboard) in Inspera. There you will find a list of all exams you are to take (once the exam has been activated by the study administration). You can also find your former exam submissions that you have conducted using Inspera. We recommend that you take the demo test, which you will find under the 'Demo test' tab, in order to familiarize yourself with the tool. If you are to take a written school exam with no aids you will have to enter the demo test to download the latest version of the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). (More information under the 'Preparations' menu.)

Equipment requirements

You will need to have your own laptop (PC or Mac) on the day of the examination. You may not use a tablet or hybrid machine.

It is important that you have installed updates on your PC or Mac. Ensure that your machine works on Nord University's wireless network Eduroam.

Your machine must meet the following requirements:

- Windows 7 or better
- OSX 10.10 or better

Inspera supports the last two stable versions of the following browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox
- Google Chrome
- Safari (for Mac OS X)

We recommend you to install new versions of browsers as they become available.

Preparing for the exam

User name and password 

You log in to Inspera using your Feide account.
Please get in touch with the university's IT support should you experience problems.

Installing the Safe Exam Browser

You must have downloaded a separate browser prior to digital written school exams. The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a specially developed browser allowing students to take exams on their own laptop computers. SEB prevents access to all internet pages that are not approved for the exam, as well as to other programmes and files during the exam. You can download and test SEB through running a demo, which you will find under 'Demo tests' once you are logged in to Inspera. It may vary from one exam to the next which version of SEB that is supported, so even if you took an exam last semester using SEB, it is not given that the same version is supported this semester. Always install the latest version of SEB via 'Demo tests' prior to exams.

We have backup PCs available should anything happen to your computer during the exam.

WiFi Connection - Eduroam
If possible, log onto the university's wi-fi the day before your examination to ensure that everything is in working order.

The password you have created for your student account only last for 120 days. If you have not changed password since the beginning of the semester, do so in the self-service portal a day or two prior to the examination.

When to arrive / what to bring


- Please arrive at the allocated examination room/location no later than 30 minutes before the start of the exam (see StudentWeb).

- Bring your own laptop and charger

- Bring valid photo ID (student card/driver’s license/Norwegian bank card/passport)

- Set up your equipment and log on no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam.

Sitting the exam


Log on
Log on to Inspera. Click the «Klikk her for å gjøre deg klar» button on the current exam. Choose «Åpne prøven».

When you want to deliver, upload your answer and click "Lever prøve". When the response time is up, you can check the "Arkiv" to review your response.


Log in
Log on to  Inspera with Feide. Click the "Klikk her for å gjøre deg klar" on the current exam. Select "Åpne prøven i Safe Exam Browser» (SEB).
A new window will appear and you will be able to enter the 4-digit code provided by the examination monitor.

You will be taken to a loading page, where you will wait until commencement of the examination.

Writing your assignment
When you start the exam, type your answer in the text editor under the questions. You may want to familiarize yourself with the text editor before the exam by going into the demo, which is available at your pages in Inspera.

Your response will be saved automatically and continuously once you start writing. If the internet connection is lost during the exam, you will be notified. You can then still write in the text editor, but you must save your answer on your machine (locally). When your Internet connection is restored, you saved response will be automatically uploaded to Inspera. Always notify the examination monitor if you encounter problems with your Internet connection.

Remaining examination time is shown at the top right of the screen.

Upon submission, you will be asked to confirm that you want to submit your response. If you want to submit your response before the time is up, you must notify the examination monitor. When the examination time is up, you can check the "Arkiv" to review your response.


If you have any questions:
Contact the examinations office or information desk at your study location.