Illness and absence from examinations

What do you do if you are sick or have another reason for being absent from the examination? What is a valid absence and how do you register your absence?

​​​What is a valid reason for absence?

Candidates are not permitted to sit the same examination more than three (3) times. This is governed by Section 7-5 (4) of the Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at Nord University.

In some cases, absence on the day of the examination shall not count as an examination attempt. This is called a valid absence. Examples of valid absences are:

  • that you or your children are sick
  • a death in your close family or others with whom you have a close relationship
  • funeral or cremation service in your close family or others with whom you have a close relationship
  • orders from a public authority that prevent you from sitting for the examination
  • other reasons that make it highly unreasonable to require you to complete an assessment/examination

Deadline for reporting absence

The deadline for reporting an absence is within one (1) week after the examination date/deadline for submitting the examination. If this deadline is not met, it will count as an examination attempt.

How to report absence

Form: Self-certification of absence 

You must submit the self-certification of absence form no later than one week after the examination took place.

Please note that you may also withdraw​ from examinations no later than two days before the examination date. When you withdraw before the deadline, your registration will not count as an examination attempt.  ​

Documentation requirements

Normally, we require medical certificate or statement from another expert.

Changes spring 2021:
We accept self-certification of absence from examinations during the spring semester of 2021.  Provision of self-certification of absence will be registered as ​valid absence.

In such cases, you do not need to submit your examination answer paper. Submission of an examination answer paper will take precedence over self-certification of absence that is provided at a later date. In other words, a submitted answer paper cannot be withdrawn.

You are also allowed to take a new examination if you do not provide self-certification of absence. However, this means​ that you use an examination attempt.

Terminating an examination

If you become ill while taking an examination and consequently have to terminate the examination, you should not submit your answer. 

If your examination answer is submitted, this will override proof of a valid absence submitted afterwards. In other words, a submitted answer cannot be withdrawn and will count as an examination attempt.

Supplementary or deferred examination

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