Illness and absence from examinations

What do you do if you are sick or have another reason for being absent from the examination? What is a valid absence and how do you register your absence?

​​​​​Withdrawal from exam​

​​If you know beforehand that you will not sit the exam, you may withdraw from the exam no later than two weeks before the examinations date. 

How to withdraw from an examination: 
Log in to Studentweb, find the course and the correct examination under Active courses, and choose Withdraw.

Valid reason for absence

In some cases, absence on the day of the examination shall not count as an examination attempt. This is called a valid absence. Examples of valid absences are:

  • that you or your children are sick
  • a death in your close family or others with whom you have a close relationship
  • funeral or cremation service in your close family or others with whom you have a close relationship
  • orders from a public authority that prevent you from sitting for the examination
  • other reasons that make it highly unreasonable to require you to complete an assessment/examination

Documentation requirements/doctor certificate

A candidate who does not attend an examination for which they are registered, and who claims legitimate absence, must present written documentation of the circumstances within one (1) week of the examination. The candidate must submit a doctor certificate in cases related to personal illness or illness in their immediate family. The doctor certificate must be appropriate to document absence from the specific examination.​

How to submit a doctor certificate:

A doctor certificate for a valid absence from an exam is sent with eDialog. 

eDialog offers a way to send digital letters that are exempt from public disclosure in a safe and easy way. All submissions go through a secure channel. 

​1. Scan or take a picture of your medical certificate, and save the file on your device.

(BankId, MinId, etc.).

3. Fill in the fields in eDialog. Note! remember to include the heading "Doctor certificate absence exam - subject code​" and upload the doctor certificate.

Note! Tick off the box for sensitive information if applicable.​

Terminating an examination

If you become ill while taking an examination and consequently have to terminate the examination, you should not submit your answer. 

If your examination answer is submitted, this will override proof of a valid absence submitted afterwards. In other words, a submitted answer cannot be withdrawn and will count as an examination attempt.

​Supplementary or deferred examination

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