Re-sit an examination

In most cases, you can re-sit an examination. See which rules apply to you.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Nord University will arrange new examinations for students who received a failing grade at the last ordinary examination, or students with approved absence at the last ordinary examination. 

The new exam will normally be ​held in the following semester. Dates will be announced in Studentweb in September/January, or no later than two weeks before the exam. The date for a supplementary examination is published in StudentWeb in the beginning of the semester, or no later than 14 days before the examination.

Who can re-sit an examination?

According to Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations, the following students can an take a supplementary examination (re-sit): 

  • Students who received a failing grade (F/did not pass) at the last ordinary examination
  • Students with approved absence at the last ordinary examination
  • Students who broke off the ordinary examination, students who want to improve their grade or students who did not sit the examination will be entitled to a new examination if it is arranged.
  • ​Candidates who withdraw from the ordinary examination do not have access to a new examination. The next exam attempt will be the next ordinary exam.​

How to register for a supplementary examination

The student registers for a supplementary examination in Studentweb after the semester fee has been paid and within the registration deadline

  • Search for the course under Active courses. Register for exam by clicking the "Add" button.

  • Find the course in your education plan the semester you first sat the exam, and choose "Resit course". ​​

Number of examination attempts

Read more in Regulations relating to ​Studies and Examinations, S​ection 7-5.

Students can normally sit the same examination up to three (3) times. Ordinary and supplementary examinations count equally as an attempt. There are special provisions for the number of attempts at a candidate’s, bachelor's or master's thesis, or portfolio examination, cf. Section 7-​8.

Fourth attempt: If the student has used three (3) attempts, he or she must apply to the institution for a fourth and fifth attempt. Note that the number of attempts may deviate for some courses. This is described in more detail in the course description.
For example, students participating in professional practice courses have two attempts.
>> Application form for fourth attempt​ ​​

Fifth attempt: The Student Records and Examinations Office may, on the basis of application, grant permission for a fifth attempt. The fifth attempt may only be granted if, by passing the examination in the course, the candidate will complete a degree or vocational training at the university. 
>> Application by e-mail to

Improve your grade after completing your studies/expiring your right to study

It is possible to improve grades after completing studies/expiring the right to study, you can do this by applying for admission to individual subjects.
The application deadline for autumn is 1 July and for the spring semester is 15 November
Here you can read more about individual subjects and admissions.​

​​Contact Student Records and Examinations Office:

​> Phone: +47 75 51 71 10
All staff at Student Records and Examinations Office​
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