Examination registration and withdrawal/cancellation


All students must register for the semester , approve their education plan, register for or withdraw from examinations and teaching on StudentWeb each semester.

The deadline for registering for a semester and registering for teaching and examinations can be found in the academic calendar


You can withdraw from examinations no later than 14 days before the examination date. 

  • When you withdraw before the deadline, your registration will not count as an examination attempt. 
  • However, you will lose the right to take a new examination (resit), and must wait until the next ordinary examination for registration.

You will find information on the place and date for the examination, withdrawal deadlines, and any opportunities to choose the examination location, etc., in StudentWeb.

Registration and withdrawal are governed by Section 7-7 of the Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at Nord University and follow the deadlines set out in the academic calendar.

Illness or other absence

> Read more about what happens if you get sick or have other reasons for being absent on the day of the examination?

Examinations and student records:

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