Citing sources and referencing

It is important for all students to cite their sources correctly. Nord University checks exams and assignments delivered by students for plagiarism.

​Referencing style 

At Nord University, students are recommended to use the APA 7 referencing style.
- Oppdrag A: A guide to academic writing (link to Canvas, in Norwegian)

Guidelines for examination candidates

According to the “Supplementary provisions for examination candidates at Nord University”, the following rules apply:

37. “When work is submitted in writing, the candidate shall provide information about sources, both in-text and in the form of a complete bibliography. Quotes and excerpts shall be marked clearly with italics and indent, or similar, and include a page-specific reference. Deviations from this provision shall be considered as plagiarism and will be addressed as an act of cheating.”

If you want to cite your own work (e.g. an assignment that you have previously submitted) you must do so by refering to “(Own work)” in the text. In doing so, you:
- demonstrate that the idea you are communicating is not new
- maintain your anonymity (examination candidates have an anonymous candidate number)
- are accountable for what you have written

The following rules apply to collaboration:

39. “All examinations aids are permitted during take-home examinations. However, candidates are not permitted to collaborate on individual take-home examinations. Examination candidates should exercise caution in cooperation and discussion about tasks/responses that can give rise to similarities in content, structure, language, interpretation and analysis.”

Cooperation among candidates during individual exams is prohibited. Should two or more candidates deliver answers that are too similar, this could be construed as unauthorized collaboration, or collusion. This will be detected during the plagiarism control process.

​​Contact Student Records and Examinations Office:

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Useful links 

The University Library: P​rovides information and guidance about source use and referencing

University Rules and Regulations:​ All formal documents regulating examinations, and overview of university rules and regulations.

Supplementary Provisions for Examination Candidates at Nord University: Students are obliged to familiariz​e themselves with the guidelines that apply to taking examinations at Nord University​.​​ 
> ​Cheat​ing an​d plagiarism: Students are obliged to familiarize themselves with the regulations that apply to taking examinations at Nord University​.