Special learning arrangements

Nord University aims to facilitate learning and enjoyment of the learning environment for students with disabilities and special requirements.

​​​Physical accessibility

The university's facilities include:

  • ​wheelchair access 
  • wheelchair-friendly parking
  • adjustable furniture in student workspaces
  • teleloops (induction loops) in auditoriums
  • daisy players for students with visual impairment.
Studentinord (the student welfare organisation) also offers accessible housing.

Accessible education

Students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties are eligible for special learning arrangements.

Nord University emphasises dialogue between students and teaching staff, in relation ​to making education accessible for all. 

The Learning Environment Committee plans and monitors learning environment measures on all levels (physical, psychosocial, organisational, digital and pedagogical). 

Let us know

Get in touch using the contact details on this page and tell us about your disability or special requirements so that we can implement appropriate measures.

Special examination arrangements

In order to ensure a fair process for all, the university has deadlines for special examination arrangements.

Contact information​ Nordland

Hilde Iren Hardy
Tel: 75 51 76 42
email: servicetorget@nord.no

Business School
Truls Didriksen
Tel: 75 51 78 84

Faculty of Education and Arts
Charlotta Langejan
Tel: 75 51 73 24

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
Sølvi Skipnes
Tel: 75 51 77 15

Faculty of Social Sciences
Synnøve Dalmo Tollåli
Tel: 75 51 72 63

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Mats Pedersen
Tel: 75 51 74 49

Contact information Nord-Trøndelag

Ole Evjen
Tel: 74 21 23 95

Are Johansen
Tel: 74 02 25 26