Student democracy and associations

This page provides information about formal representation of students as well as academic unions, interest organisations and clubs.

Student unions    

HHS​Nord Business School

​Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture

​INTER​Faculty of Social Sciences
​AJOUR​Faculty of Social Science - journalism
​ProStud​​Faculty of Education and Arts
Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
​Studentrådet i NamsosNord University Namsos
​Studentrådet i SteinkjerNord University Steinkjer
​Studentrådet i LevangerNord University Levanger
​Studentrådet i StjørdalNord University Stjørdal
Rana studentforeningNord University Mo i Rana

Clubs and committees

Name Description More information
FadderstyretBodø buddies' organisation
Start NordWorks to promote innovation and entrepr​eneurship Website
StudentUKA  i Bodø
Cultural festival Facebook
VentusStudent media house Website
Students can also register as volunteers for Student House UFO (Facebook)

Organisation of student democracy​

Organisasjonskart Studentparlamentet Nord universitet     

Student Parliament 2020

Student President and Student Vice-President

Student President: Eme​lie Johanne Johansen
96 51 90 58

Student Vice-President: Eugen Sebastian Hovden​ Haush
93 40 46 86

Local representative Bodø

Andreas Vestvann Johnsen
75 51 79 10
97 68 46 13

Local representative Mo i Rana

Andreas Grøtte

Vesterålen, Nesna and Sandnessjøen does not have a local representative. 

Local representative Namsos

Peder Hobbesland Holm
476 79 223

Local representative Steinkjer

Torarin Hindklev
936 53 916

Local representative Levanger

Oddbjørn Haugen
976 56 236

Local representative Stjørdal

Simen Davidsen Raa
905 65 077