Not just an education. An experience.

Five Nord University students talk about studying at Nord.
Make your own experienceFor teaching student Carina Übellacker from Austria student exchange had the added bonus of a new and diverse family. You encounter so many different cultures and personalities. It is simply awesome. The first day will always stay in my mind. I thought a lot about whether I would find new friends. In the end, my friends became my family.- You decided to extend your stay and work for the student community. What is special about the student community at Nord University?Nord University cares a lot about their students. They organize interesting excursions, especially for international students, so they get to know each other and visit interesting places. My advice to other students would be to get on that plane and make your own experiences in another country.>> Read more about our outdoor learning packages - Adventure Knowledge and Nordic and International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning.Hard work, high qualityWith a highly experienced international staff, an expanding partner network and targeted international events like &Action, the media technology community at Nord University Steinkjer is one to watch.Niels Jónsson from Iceland and Anastasia Fedoseeva from Russia are impressed with the academic standard of Nord University's media technology programmes.- The quality here is super-high. We have tutors with lots of experience, from Disney, the BBC and Hollywood, says Film and TV student Anastasia.Media technology is taught in English and aims to give students the practical experience necessary to succeed in competitive industries.- It is a lot of hard work. I take it as an indicator of quality. But it also means that passion and dedication are important factors in success, says Niels, who is in his third year of Games and Entertainment Technology.>> Read more about bachelor programmes in Film and TV, 3D, Animation and VFX or Games and Enterainment Technology. Inspiration for the futureElita Chamdimba from Malawi had never heard of Bodø, but once she did some online research she knew it would be the perfect location for her Master in Social Science majoring in social work.  - I always wanted to live and study in a place with mountains and beautiful natural scenery. This is the ideal place to find inspiration while studying. Elita, who works with girls’ education and empowerment in Malawi, says that the challenges facing girls are complex. - Our project Little Big Prints works with girls aged between 16 and 22. We look at completion of secondary education and girls’ aspirations to undertake tertiary education. Socio-economic conditions are a challenge, particularly for girls in rural areas. - Apart from the scenery, have you found other inspiration in Bodø that will shape your work in Malawi? - A visit to a crisis center for victims of domestic violence emphasized Norway’s focus on rehabilitation and care. I see the importance of providing safe spaces, as well as being a safe space for the people we work with. This is something I will apply to my approach in Malawi.>> Read more about the Master of Social Science programme.Another side of the ArcticAfter spending his early twenties as a teacher in Japan, Shotaro Shiratsuru re-discovered a passion for nature and wildlife. A journey that started in subtropical Fukoka, on the Japanese island of Kysuhu, has taken Shorato to Fairbanks, Alaska and now Bodø, Norway.After I saw pictures of Alaska's wildlife, I dreamed of being an Arctic biologist. I really love being outdoors and in remote places, studying the wildlife of the north.- You came as an exchange student to Bodø from Fairbanks, but have decided to stay on. Why?The nature is so close in Norway, which means my passion for biology is constantly triggered. The fieldwork has been really exciting and interesting. I believe my experience with marine ecology in Bodø and Norway will give me a broader perspective as a biologist. By experiencing the differences between Alaska and Norway first-hand, I deepen my insight into nature.Besides the attractive nature, Nord University has smaller class sizes. There are more opportunities to communicate with lecturers, which is important. I do plan to return to Alaska after I graduate, partially because my main interest is terrestrial mammals, but also because Alaska is where my fascination with biology has its roots. >> Read more about the Bachelor of Science in Biology or the Master of Science in Biology and Aquaculture. ​