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Norwegian for Foreigners NO106L

Norwegian for Foreigners NO106L

ECTS Credits 10
Level Undergraduate
Course type
Start semester Autumn 2019
Year of study 1st study year
Course location Bodø
Faculty The Faculty of Education and Arts
Teaching language Norwegian
Application deadline  

Course description

The students will be given a basic introduction to Norwegian official language (bokmål). The course starts at beginner level, but the progression will be relatively fast. Both written and oral practice will be central, and the course requires a high degree of participation from the students. The students participate in conversation groups, answer questions, and give individual presentations.

Important course elements are:

  • Basic grammar: morphology and syntax
  • Vocabulary
  • Rules of pronunciation
  • Reading, speaking and answering questions in class

Own work as homework and written assignments.


No costs except semester registration fee and syllabus literature.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course,

Students will have basic knowledge about:

  • The rules of pronunciation
  • Syntax in Norwegian language
  • Main rules for the central parts of speech, as verb, noun, pronoun and adjective

Students obtain basic skills in Norwegian language (bokmål) and will be able to:

  • Produce texts at easy level
  • Read an easy Norwegian text and demonstrate they understand the content through retelling and answering questions
  • Express themselves orally, and understand spoken language to such an extent that they can converse on topics taken from everyday life

The students will obtain general competence in Norwegian language on a basic level and:

  • Will be able to understand an easy Norwegian text (bokmål)
  • Will be able to write an easy Norwegian text (bokmål)
  • Will be able to understand and participate in an easy conversation in Norwegian (bokmål)

Mode of delivery


Course literature

The reading list can be found in Leganto

Professional practice

Bi-lingual dictionary is not allowed at the exam.

Assessment and examinations

Written examination, 4 Hours (first instance 2010 autumn).

Overlapping courses

NO106L-2 Norwegian for Foreigners - 10 study points.
NO107L Norwegian language - 5 study points.
NO106L-2, NO107L Norwegian for Foreigners - 15 study points.
NO135L Norwegian Language and Grammar - 10 study points.

Included in these studies