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Work placement in the aquaculture industry PRA2005

Work placement in the aquaculture industry PRA2005

ECTS Credits 5
Level Undergraduate
Course type Elective for Master in biology and aquaculture
Start semester Autumn 2019
Year of study 1st study year
Course location
Faculty Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Teaching language
Application deadline  

Course description

The work replacement will build on knowledge gained through the two first semesters (1. year) of the master education and should be relevant and representative for the specialization in the master program. The work placement on 4 weeks is production oriented (freshwater and marine) with focus on juvenile production, on-growth and production planning as central elements.


Expenses for travelling and stay at the host location.

Learning outcomes


The candidate:

  • Have knowledge of the host organization.
  • Have knowledge of the company's product(s) and production methods.



The candidate:

  • Can apply theoretical knowledge and skills to practical situations.
  • Can carry out basic work operations included in as a part of the companies daily routines and be able to follow the company's internal control system.


General competence

The candidate:

  • Be able to link theoretical and practical knowledge to operational activities
  • Have a broad insight into the host organization business.
  • Can plan and execute the work tasks the candidate has been trained in during the work replacement.
  • Gain practical experience and reflect on how teoretical knowledge is used in the company. Have an insight in how the company obtain and orient in relation to research, trends, new technology and legislations.
  • Can relate and corporate with colleagues in practical situation.
  • Can take part in professional discussions, show initiative and partisipate in sosial setting.


Completion of the first year of the master program in biology and aquaculture with satisfactory results.

Mode of delivery

4 weeks work placement in an aquaculture company.

Teaching activities and methods

Practical work under supervision. The work placement should be undertaken under guidance from a responsible person at in the company and progress shall be reported regularly to the course coordinator.

The reporting to course responsible takes place twice during the placement in addition to a final report that has to be filed at the end of the period.

Course literature

The reading list can be found in Leganto
Satisfactory linguistic skills.

Assessment and examinations

Portfolio Assessment (first instance 2017 autumn).

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