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3D art, Animation and VFX, 60 credits

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Programme description

The one-year unit could be helpful for businesses or individuals seeking a basic introduction and an overall understanding of the different aspects of 3D/VFX. The project period can be tailored to fit specific needs.

The one-year unit would be relevant for various occupations, such as interior designers, technical illustrators, artists, media professionals and others wanting to add basic 3D/VFX to their pipeline.

It is also relevant for other professionals, such as producers, directors and managers who wish to develop a thorough insight into the 3D/VFX industry. After completion one is highly equipped to estimate pricing of services within the field, estimate hours and budgets when buying services, developing applications for production grants or to decide on further specialization within specific fields.

The offer is also useful for media teachers and educators at all levels, wanting to enhance their qualifications.

The one-year unit is generally useful to establish connections with professionals and educators and researchers within the 3D/VFX industry.

The study program uses industry standard software, including:
- Adobe Creative Cloud
- Trapcode Particular Suite
- Maya
- Mudbox
- UVLayout Pro
- Zbrush
- PTGui
- Mari
- Nuke
- Arnold render
- Pixar Tractor 2
- Resolume
- DaVinci Resolve
- Shotgun Studio
In addition, specialized tools might be required for certain projects.

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Learning outcomes

After complete studies, the students should have reached the following learning outcomes:

The students should have acquired knowledge and an historical framework on central topics within traditional art, composition, 3D-­art, animation, motion­graphics and compositing, and how these skills may be implemented in a variety of productions.
Students will have experience with communicating visual ideas and should have developed an improved aesthetic sense. In addition, they have an overview over various industry standard techniques and tools for production of high quality 3D/VFX, and how these may be utilized for different types of production. Students should also be able to refer to available theory, aiding their decision­making through various stages of production.

General competence:
Students would have experience with teamwork, and should reach a high level of relational competence. Being able to give and receive constructive criticism in order to craft the best artistic outcome. Independence and innovative solutions are also emphasized, and students should have an understanding of the needs of the industry.

Admission requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification or Prior Learning and Work Experience.

Career possibilities

With market conditions changing rapidly, our one-year programme prepares you for a career through employment in existing production companies, or the creation of your own start-ups.

Further education

Upon completion the one­year unit will qualify for immediate continuation in the 3D/VFX Bachelor at Nord University.

The ECTS might also be implemented in other study programmes.


No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.
Some travel expenses must be expected on productions at various locations. Several production periods will span weekends and nights. We recommend that students make small investments to acquire a Wacom tablet (Intuos 4 or higher), memory stick, external hard drive, headset etc.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

If the applicant does not fulfil the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification but has experience-based competence relevant to the field of study, he or she may apply for recognition of this competence in order to fulfill the admission requirements.

For more information about the specific requirements for experience-based competencies, contact the study advisor for this programme.

Programme evaluation

Student evaluation is conducted on course and subject level.
ECTS Credits 60 Study level One-year programme Teaching language
Faculty of Social Sciences
Course location Steinkjer