Subject description for 2021/2022

International Business


Course description

The goal of this course is to make students better equipped to understand how firms can achieve international competitiveness through the design and implementation of marketing programs. The course introduces an analytic decision-oriented framework for the development and implementation of such programs. In addition, the aim is to make students be able to analyze, select and evaluate the appropriate conceptual frameworks for approaching the five main management decisions connected with the international marketing process: (1) whether to internationalize, (2) deciding which markets to enter, (3) deciding how to enter the foreign market, (4) designing the international marketing program, and (5) implementing and coordinating the international marketing program.


No costs except semester registration fee and course literature.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the internationalization process of firms
  • Describe the importance of environmental forces for international marketing
  • Compare and contrast various entry strategies and be able to assess their strengths, weaknesses and applicability in various marketing environments
  • Assess the strengths, weakness and applicability of various marketing actions in an international marketing environment
  • Develop knowledge about the roles of international marketing and trade in creating greater understanding across nations

The course emphasis building skills related to how to develop research questions, how to develop suitable theoretical perspectives and how to choose appropriate research designs for the study of practical and theoretical problems of international marketing.

Assessment and examinations

Compound assessment, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F
  • Oral examination, comprises 60/100 of the grade, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F.
  • Written assignment, comprises 40/100 of the grade, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F.

Overlapping courses

MF323Ev1 International Marketing - 7.5 study points.
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