Subject description for 2019/2020

Oceanography (BI222F)



Course description

The course covers the following main topics: Ocean morphology. Freshwater and seawater physical and chemical properties. Properties of the history and basic principles for the explanation of atmospheric conditions, climate, wind-driven and thermohaline ocean currents, waves, tides and the spread of contaminants. Descriptive oceanography with emphasis on the North Atlantic, Polar areas and Norwegian coastal and fjord areas. Oceanographic determinants for sea life.


No costs except semester registration fee and syllabus literature.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course:


The student should have knowledge and understanding of

  • lakes and oceans as an environment for living organisms
  • physical processes in lakes and oceans


The student should be able to:

  • define and use key concepts in basic physical oceanography
  • to account for modern methods of data collection
  • apply basic physical knowledge to explain key issues related to freshwater and seawater as an environment for living organisms


General competence

The student should:

  • be able to adopt a critical stance towards 'taken for granted' or common-sense understandings of oceans as physical environments
  • be able to analyze textual material from a wide range of sources on this subject
  • be able to pursue further studies in science with a view to a desired career in the future
  • transfer and use relevant skills in a future workplace context

Course type

Elective: BSc in Biology


Available to students registered in bachelor's degree programmes in natural sciences.

Mode of delivery


Teaching activities and methods

Lectures and seminars 60 hours (4-6 hours weekly for 13 weeks). Fieldwork: 1 day.

Course evaluation

The study programme is evaluated annually by students by way of course evaluation studies (mid-term evaluation and final evaluation). These evaluations are included in the university's quality assurance system.

Assessment and examinations

Written examination, 5 hours, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F

Overlapping courses

FI103Fv1 Oceanography - 5 study points.

Course literature

The reading list can be found in Leganto
Course coordinator
ECTS Credits 10 Course location Bodø Faculty
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture