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Landscape Ecology and Nature management BIO5020


Landscape Ecology and Nature management BIO5020

ECTS Credits 10
Level Graduate
Course type

Compulsory for students with spesialisation in terrestrial ecology and nature management, within the Master in biosciences.

Elective for other  master students.

Start semester Autumn 2019
Year of study 1st study year
Course location Steinkjer.
Faculty Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Teaching language English
Application deadline  

Course description

The course is based on basic knowledge and principles from the Landscape Ecology to give deeper insight in the effects of changes and fragmentation of landscapes on selected species. This insight is used to reflect on consequences and solutions for management of species at terrestrial landscape levels. Ecological insight and nature management strategies will be knit together using selected cases from scientific research and management efforts from different species and species groups in forests, mountain and coastal ecosystems of Norway and abroad.

The course will also contain a part of advanced survey-and mapping for selected terrestrial species and species groups.


No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.

Learning outcomes

After completed course the students is expected to possess the following knowledge, skills and general competence:


  • Advanced knowledge concerning the central theory and challenges in landscape ecology based upon nature management.
  • Be able to use and analyze this knowledge to scientific based solution in different aspects of practical nature management


  • Be able to critically analyze scientific information and discuss academically different nature management challenges

General competence:

  • be able to present academical relevant theory and scientific research orally and written
  • be capable of exchanging and discuss scientific knowledge and enhance field development


Admission requirements as for the master programin Biosciences.

Mode of delivery

Face to face lectures, seminars, groupwork with presentations and discussions, and field excursions.

Teaching activities and methods

Lectures, case based practice and field excursions/-work.

Course literature

The reading list can be found in Leganto
NAT 330 Nature Management (20 ects) and BIO201 Ecology (10 ects) or similar courses are recommended. These can be taken in parallel or in addition to the master program.

Permitted examination aids

The Act relating to the Management of Biological, Geological and Landscape Diversity (Nature Diversity Act) with Regulations.

Course evaluation

Evaluation using mid-term and final surveys. Students are also encouraged to participate in the central quality surveys.

Assessment and examinations

Compound assessment, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F
  • Compulsory participation, comprises 0/100 of the grade, grading scale Godkjent - Ikke godkjent.
  • Written assignment, comprises 40/100 of the grade, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F.
  • Oral examination, comprises 60/100 of the grade, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F.

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