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Basic and environmental chemistry KJ104F


Basic and environmental chemistry KJ104F

ECTS Credits 10
Level Undergraduate
Course type Compulsory for Bachelor in Biology
Start semester Autumn 2019
Year of study 1st study year
Course location Bodø
Faculty Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Teaching language English
Application deadline  

Course description

Basic general/inorganic chemistry, basic organic chemistry, selected topics from basic biochemistry, basic environmental chemistry.


No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration, course literature and calculator apply.

Learning outcomes


The student:

  • Has knowledge of the properties of elements (including the periodic table), salts and molecules in inorganic and organic chemistry, including the most important biochemical substance classes.
  • Has knowledge of the rules for naming compounds in organic and inorganic chemistry.
  • Has knowledge of the most important reaction types in inorganic chemistry (mainly aqueous solutions) and organic chemistry.
  • Has broad knowledge about the general topics within environmental chemistry, and knowledge of research and development work within the field
  • Can update his/her knowledge in the fields of Chemistry and Environmental chemistry
  • Can scientifically report, using proper scientific terminology, results obtained from basic chemistry experiments.



The student:

  • Can calculate reaction yields, concentrations and pH (both strong and weak acids and bases, and mixtures of acids and bases including buffers).
  • Can apply theoretical knowledge to the performance of simple laboratory tasks.
  • Can reflect upon their observations obtained after performing basic chemistry and environmental chemistry laboratory techniques.


General compentence

The student:

  • Has knowledge and understanding of the risks when working in a chemistry laboratory.
  • Can communicate results and theories in writing.
  • Can exchange opinions with fellow students and work alone, or as part of a group.


Admission to the course follows the admission requirements of the study program Bachelor in Biology.

The KJ105F Laboratory safety is required prior to the compulsory laboratory work.

Mode of delivery


Teaching activities and methods

Lectures with integrated problem solving. Laboratory exercises (5 x 3 hours of laboratory exercises) followed by hand-in of reports before given deadline for approval.


Minimum is to be present at at least 4 out of 5 laboratory exercises, followed by hand-in of acceptable report before given deadline after each laboratory exercise for evaluation and approval. At least 4 out of 8 theory exercises must be handed in before given deadline and approved, from each part of the course.


For laboratory reports handed in before the deadline which has not been accepted, a second delivery will be offered together with the next lab report (or given deadline for second try on the last laboratory report).

Course literature

The reading list can be found in Leganto
Chemistry 1 (2KJ) from Norwegian videregående skole. These topics are given during the first weeks for students without previous knowledge in chemistry.

Permitted examination aids

  • Calculator Casio fx-82XXX (XXX may be letters, but not numbers)
  • "Periodensystem der Elemente"

Course evaluation

Evaluation using mid-term and final surveys. Students are also encouraged to participate in the central quality surveys.

Assessment and examinations

Written school examination, 4 hours, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F
  • Portfolio assessment, comprises 0/100 of the grade, grading scale Bestått - Ikke bestått.

Overlapping courses

KJ103F Chemistry and Biophysics - 5 study points.
KJ100F Basic Chemistry - 10 study points.
MAR2030 Water quality and water treatment in aquaculture - 5 study points.

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