Subject description for 2021/2022

Mathematics/Statistics for Biologists (MA116F)

Mathematics/Statistics for Biologists


Course description

Elementary mathematics and statistics with emphasis on applications in biology. 


No tuition fees except for semester registration fee, course literature, calculator and laptop. 

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, the student should have the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge The student should:

  • Have knowledge of the ordinary functions of one variabl
  • Understand the difference of the average rate of change and the instantaneous rate of change of a function
  • Have knowledge of the most used descriptive measurements of data, probability distributions and inference techniques
  • Understand the difference between a population parameter and the sample estimate of the parameter

Skills The student should:

  • Be able to do elementary algebraic simplifications and be able to solve equations
  • Be able to use the derivative to analyse functions of one variable
  • Be able to use elementary probability theory
  • Be able to use elementary estimation theory and perform elementary hypothesis tests

General Competence The students should:

  • Be able to carry out necessary problem- solving when working with mathematics tasks
  • Be able to carry out necessary problem- solving when working with statistics tasks

Course type

Compulsory for BSc in Biology

Mode of delivery

Face-to-face teaching.

Teaching activities and methods

Lectures Small groups Hand-in exercises

Recommended prior knowledge

Mathematics from secondary school/high school.

Permitted examination aids

Pen, pencil, ruler, simple calculator and bi-lingual dictionary.

Course evaluation

Mid-term oral evaluation with written report, electronic evaluation at the end of the semester.

Assessment and examinations

Written examination , 6 hours, grading scale A-E, Beste A, Ikke bestått F

Overlapping courses

MA107Ev1 Introduction to financial mathematics - 5 study points.
MA146Fv1 Statistics - 5 study points.
MA145Fv1 Mathematics and statistics - 10 study points.
MA105Ev1 Mathematics - 7.5 study points.
MA158Ev1 Basic matematics - 5 study points.
MAT1001v1 Mathematics - 5 study points.
STT1001v1 Statistics - 5 study points.
Course coordinator
ECTS Credits 10 Course location Bodø Faculty
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture