Subject description for 2022/2023

Advanced Marketing


Advanced marketing problematises and enriches marketing by taking the students on a journey from the marketing concept towards the latest scientific research which affects society and marketing today.

Course description

How can marketing create value for consumers, firms, and society internationally? What are the major trends that shape contemporary marketing? How and why has marketing become so influential that consumption now defines our entire culture? How can marketing practices contribute to shape society in a more positive way? These are examples of questions that are discussed in this course. Advanced marketing problematises and enriches marketing as it is taught in introductory courses. To do this, the professors aim at challenging marketing thoughts by taking the students on a journey from the marketing concept towards the latest scientific research which affects society and marketing today.


The course is only open to students in the Master of Science in Business study programme.


Paid semester fee and syllabus literature. It is also required that students have a laptop at their disposal.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should have developed the following competencies:


  • Student has in-depth knowledge related to marketing theory.
  • Has advanced knowledge of the various theories and models and understand the various theoretical development and perspectives of the field.
  • Has advanced insight into how marketing creates value for consumers, firms and society.


  • Student is specialised in gathering relevant literature in marketing, conducts analyses and evaluate theory streams.
  • Knows how to develop good and precise theory-based research questions.
  • Knows how to accomplish critical literature analysis and evaluate it as a fundament for solid research design related to empirical marketing research.
  • Understand the importance of marketing-based strategies of the firm.
  • Knows how to acquire and use relevant marketing information in practice.

General competence:

  • Student has developed the ability to conduct and disseminate work, both orally and in writing, as related to the scientific traditions of marketing as well as business administration.

Course type

Main profile, compulsory

Teaching activities and methods

The course requires active student participation, in group work, seminars and assignments. This implies involvement in discussions and student presentations, including the project report (POPP). Traditional lectures will not be used, but seminars will be arranged where chosen topics will be presented and discussed. In addition to the course book, several articles are sentral part of the course.

Recommended prior knowledge

Introductory course in marketing.

Permitted examination aids

Bilingual dictionary and simple calculator.

Course evaluation

The study programme is evaluated annually by students by way of course evaluation studies. These evaluations are included in the universitys quality assurance system.

Assessment and examinations

Compound assessment, grading scale Letter grades
  • Oral examination, comprises 60/100 of the grade, grading scale Letter grades.
  • Portefolio, comprises 40/100 of the grade, grading scale Letter grades.

Course literature

Follow this link for reading list and academic resources
Course coordinator
Start semester Autumn 2022
Teaching language English ECTS Credits 7.5 Course location Bodø Faculty
Nord University Business School