Subject description for 2022/2023

Laboratory Safety Master


Course description

KJ301 Laboratory safety is a course over one day. The course gives necessary information to new students and give training in how to work in the laboratory to avoid accidents and injuries. An introduction to various safety equipment and how this should be used will be given. Training will also be given for the faculty's chemical register and how waste is disposed. Must be taken at the start of the first semester of the study. Laboratory exercises cannot be performed in other courses before the KJ301F Laboratory safety course is accepted.


No costs except semester registration fee.

Learning outcomes


The student should have knowledge about

  • what dangers that may happen in a laboratory
  • what work routines that must be followed
  • what kind of safety equipment that is available and when to use it
  • safety data sheets and what kind of information to be found there
  • the routines in case of fire or accidents/injuries


The student shall be able to

  • work safe in a laboratory, under supervision of a supervisor
  • know what to do in case of accidents
  • know how to behave in case of fire

General competence

The student shall understand that

  • following the routines for work in the library, the work is safe and secure
  • injuries and damages will easily happen if safety routines are not followed

Course type

Compulsory for Master in Biosciences and Nordic Master in Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bioresources

Teaching activities and methods

Mandatory participation. The course is given as combined lecture and laboratory exercise.

Course evaluation

The study programme is evaluated every third year by students through the final evaluation. These evaluations are included in the universitys quality assurance system.

Assessment and examinations

Compound evaluation, grading scale Passed / Not Passed
  • Compulsory participation - Labotary Safty, 1 days, comprises 0/100 of the grade, grading scale Approved/ Not approved.
  • Practical work - Laboratory safety, 1 days, comprises 100/100 of the grade, grading scale Passed / Not Passed.

Course literature

Handed out in the laboratory

Included in these studies



Nordic Master in Sustainable Production and Utilisation of Marine Bioresources Master in Sustainable Production and Utilisation of Marine BioresourcesMaster's degree (2 years)
Master in Biosciences in BiosciencesMaster's degree (2 years)
Biosciences, Master Degree, Master DegreeMaster's degree (2 years)
Sustainable Production and Utilisation of Marine Bioresources, Nordic Master Production and Utilisation of Marine Bioresources, Nordic MasterMaster's degree (2 years)
Master of Science in Marine Ecology of Science in Marine EcologyMaster's degree (2 years)
Master of Science in Aquaculture of Science in AquacultureMaster's degree (2 years)

Course coordinator
Start semester Autumn 2022
Teaching language English ECTS Credits 0 Course location Bodø Faculty
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture