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Senior Teacher Education in Social Science

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Programme description

The Senior Teacher Education in Social Science with specialisation in history is both a vocational and an academic study programme. Over a period of five years, students take courses equivalent of a bachelor's and master's degree.

The main emphasis will be placed on history (subject I). The faculty plans for students to be allowed to choose between English or Political Science for their subject II specialization. The study programme also comprises extensive professionally oriented courses in pedagogy and didactics, as well as 100 days of work practice with qualified supervision. The work praxis periods are distributed across several courses and will take place during the four first years of the programme. The final study year on this programme is dedicated to master's level specialisation and ends with a master's thesis comprising 50 ECTS credits.

Most courses are organised as on-campus teaching, however, there are also some session-based courses as well as online teaching. The Faculty is focused on contributing to creating an active study community with regular campus-based work.

Students must have completed the bachelor's level courses with an average degree of C before they are allowed to commence the master's level courses on the programme. Furthermore, students must have passed former work praxis periods in order to commence a new praxis period.

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Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme, the candidate:


  • Has thorough knowledge of social sciences and history, and specialised knowledge of a vocationally relevant history subject
  • Has thorough knowledge of national and international scientific issues, research theories and methods in professional, pedagogic and subject-didactic questions
  • Has a broad understanding of the school's mandate, the foundational values of education and the education system
  • Has thorough knowledge of relevant research literature as well as current legislation and framework plans
  • Has knowledge of youth culture and the development and learning of youth in different social and cultural contexts


  • Can identify relevant national and international professional literature, analyse and critically relate to sources of information and existing theories
  • Can apply academic literature and other relevant sources of information to structuring and formulating professional arguments in different areas
  • Can conduct an independent, limited and profession-relevant research project in accordance with current research-ethical norms
  • Can apply scientific and experience-based knowledge to plan and lead teaching in ways that provide good professional and social learning processes
  • Can use a variety of work methods in an independent and professional manner in order to differentiate and adjust teaching in accordance with current learning plan frameworks, and create an inclusive and motivating learning environment
  • Can describe signs of competence, assess and document pupils' learning, provide feedback that enhances learning and contribute to the pupil¿s reflecting on his or her own learning and professional development

General competence

  • Can contribute to innovation processes and innovative thinking and conduct vocationally oriented professional development work
  • Can transmit and communicate professional issues related to the exercising of his or her vocation on a professionally advanced level
  • Can be able to plan for and implement varied teaching and in-depth learning within the subject areas
  • Can strengthen international and multicultural perspectives on the schools' work, contribute to understanding of the Sami status as indigenous people and stimulate democratic participation and sustainable development.

Career possibilities

Lecturer in the social sciences in upper secondary and secondary schools. Museums and public management.

Further education

Successful completion of the programme enables graduates to apply for admission on a PhD programme.

Study abroad

For students choosing political science as their subject II, student exchange is facilitated during the 6th semester (spring semester in the 3rd study year).

We recommend the following partner institutions for exchange:

Spring semester

Autumn semester

For subject II English, exchange is recommended for a full year (5th and 6th semester)

For subject II Media studies, exchange is recommended either in the 5th or 5th semester.

Nord University also has a series of agreements with other universities that may be relevant for students on this programme, provided they offer relevant courses and subjects.

Please note that in order to go on an exchange abroad, students at the Faculty of Education and Arts at Nord University must have passed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits.


No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.

Assessment methods

Serveral methods of assessment are used; written exams, home exams, project assessment, assignments and oral exams.

Graduation requirements

The final exam consists of the master thesis with oral exam (50 studiepoeng).

Programme evaluation

The programme is evaluated via student questionnaire, as well as by the programme director. The evaluations form a part of the University's quality assurance system.

Qualifications requirements and regulations

Please refer to the applicable legislation, regulations and related guidelines.

Progression requirements

Students need to complete the first practice period before they can proceed to the next, ect.

Students must have successfully completed the courses at Bachelor level with the average grade C before they can proceed to Master level.


During the four first year of study, the students complete 100 days of guided practice.
ECTS Credits 300 Study level Master's degree (5 years) Teaching language
Faculty of Social Sciences
Course location Bodø