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The English One Year Programme consists of  two courses: 

Language and Litterature in the English-speaking world (autumn term)

Language, Text and Culture in the English-speaking world  (spring term)

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Teaching sessions

All classes, except the trip to York, will be delivered online only.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are presented in the course plans for each semester.

Admission requirements

Admission requirement: Higher Education Entrance Qualification (generell studiekompetanse)

Career possibilities

The English One Year Programme facilitates professional language and communication development for professionals working across a range of fields in both the public and private sectors, including communication, tourism, culture, education and social work.

Study abroad

A one-week stay at the Norwegian Study Centre at the University of York, England, is offered as part of this course. The course fee is around NOK 2200 (2017) and includes tuition and accommodation. Expenses for travel and meals are extra. 


No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.

Assessment methods

The Norwegian system for grading and assessment using the letter grades A - F, in which A denotes the best/highest grade and F denotes "not passed". Grades can also be awarded as "passed", "not passed", "approved" and "not approved".


Read Examinations rules and regulations

Graduation requirements

See course plans for detailed information about exams and assessment methods
ECTS Credits 60 Study level One-year programme Teaching language
The Faculty of Education and Arts
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