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The doctoral program is a continuation of the studies in business at the Business School. The program contains a course component that is at least 40 ECTS credits. The main component of the program is, however, the independent research that forms the basis for the doctoral dissertation.

The doctoral program is primarily intended to qualify for research and development activities, but also for other kinds of work that requires knowledge of scientific methods and results. The programme allows candidates to specialise in business at the same time as they develop an understanding of their discipline in a wider context. The candidate will obtain knowledge of relevant methods within the discipline and will obtain the necessary expertise to utilise at least one of these methods in their research.

The dissertation must be an independent, scientific work that meets international standards in the field. The thesis should help to develop new knowledge and be at a level that it could be published as part of the scientific literature.

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Learning outcomes


Upon completion, the candidate should:

- have an academic specialisation within the field of business

- be able to locate this field within a larger framework

- have specialised insight into the scientific methods used in, and knowledge of, their field of study

- be able to contribute to development of the field in the form of new theories, methods, interpretations and the like.



Upon completion, the candidate should be able to:

- formulate and solve problems at an advanced scientific level

- utilise relevant scientific theories and methods in their field

- critically evaluate and form an opinion about the use of relevant theories and methods in the field

- conduct indpendent research work at an advanced scientific level.


General competence

Upon completion, the candidate should:

- be able to indentify, carry out and disseminate research and development tasks with academic integrity, in accordance with founding principles of the institution of academia.

- be able to reflect upon and form an opinion about integral ethical challenges in relation to research and development task

- be able to utilise their research and development expertise within all areas that require insight into business-related scientific methods and results

- be able to communicate problem, analyses and results to their peers, as well as to the general public, including participating in debates at conferences and in the public arena.

Admission requirements

Admission to PhD studies at the Business School normally requires five years of tertiary education within the field of business (Master of Science), or equivalent education in which at least 2 years (120 ECTS) are at a Master degree level. Business subjects must constitute at least 90 ECTS. Normally, the 2 year Master degree must include a Master thesis with a grade point average of B (or the equivalent) for the thesis and the entire Master degree.

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Job opportunities

A doctoral degree in business from Nord University Business School qualifies successful candidiates for demanding academic and research activities in higher education, or in business and industry. We aim to provide a first class PhD programme, which prepares candidates for careers within education and research at leading insitutions, as well as for careers that demand expertise and analytical skills.

Further education

PhD is the highest form of academic education offered, and signifies the conclusion of studies.

Study abroad

The Business School encourages students to participate in mobility programmes. Based on the chosen research project, fieldwork, residencies and/or visits to insitutions nationally and internationally may all be an option.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

The Norwegian system for grading and assessment using the letter grades A - F, in which A denotes the best/highest grade and F denotes "not passed". Grades can also be awarded as "passed", "not passed", "approved" and "not approved".


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Graduation requirements

PhD degrees are awarded on the following bases:
  • Successful completion of courses worth 40 ECTS as well as compulsory presentations,
  • Approved scientific dissertation,
  • Approved trial lecture on allocated topic,
  • Approved defence of thesis (disputation)

Programme evaluation

Dialogue meetings are conducted between students and the programme director every year.


Qualifications requirements and regulations

ECTS Credits 180 Study level Doctoral degree with nom length of study Teaching language
English and Norwegian
Nord University Business School
Course location Bodø