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Experience English Language and Literature: Autumn Package

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Programme description

Experience English: Autumn consists of three classes, all of which are taught by English Department faculty:

SP171L (15) British Studies (includes an option for a one-week trip to the University of York, UK)

HIS1001 (5) You’ve Got to Read This!

SP203L (10) Business English I

SP171L: British Studies:

British Studies is designed to make the student conversant with the canonical literary tradition of Great Britain, as well as provide him or her with the variegated social, cultural, and historical contexts for each work. In addition, the student will be introduced to a wide selection of British young-adult fiction placed in a critical and didactic context. Please note that a one-week stay at the Norwegian Study Centre in York, England, is an integral part of this course (alternative home assignment is available).

HIS1001L : You’ve Got to Read This! :

This course explores the short story genre through careful, theoretically grounded readings of major stories from various countries and literary traditions. The emphasis in this discussion-based course is placed on the joy of reading great literature and the exhilaration to be found in the aesthetic experience of art.

SP203L: Business English I:

This course provides students with the means to assume:

1) Good general practical language skills, both in writing and orally;

2) English language terminology used or employed in international business and within the mass media;

3) Some knowledge about current topics in international business, with an emphasis on topics relevant to students’ various courses of study;

4) Knowledge of certain social and political conditions in Great Britain and the United States, with a special emphasis on basic financial and social institutions.

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Learning outcomes


The student shall:

  • Develop knowledge of textual structure and linguistic devices and of critical and analytical approaches to both literary and non-literary texts in English;
  • Have introductory knowledge of traditional and contemporary literary texts and theory;
  • Have increased knowledge of and insight into the English language.


The student can:

  • Use English more confidently and functionally, both orally and in writing appropriate to the audience in different situations;
  • Demonstrate English skills in a variety of formats.


The student can:

  • Deliberate relevant subject material and communicate in English in such a way that is adapted to his or her target audience;
  • Apply knowledge and skills within the subject of English in an academic and professional context.

Admission requirements

Higher education entrance qualification, language requirement, view more information about requirements and deadlines. Entrance as a semester or year international exchange student to Nord University, campus Bodø.

Career possibilities

The study of English provides international students with a solid foundation for communication-based work in a variety of occupations. The study of English provides a wide range of language, communication, and cultural skills. Upon completion of the semester package, students have received course content relevant to the following areas of employment:


Translation / proofreading / editing

Teaching (upon certification) / tutoring


University recruitment / international affairs


Further education

A semester package study of English provides international students with an excellent foundation for continued study of English at more advanced levels, such as a Bachelor of English. It can also complement other areas of study such as communication, business, or government.

Study abroad

There is an opportunity available for eligible students to attend classes at the Norwegian Study Centre, York, UK.


No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.

There is an optional study trip to the Norwegian Study Centre, York, UK. Approximate cost: NOK 7500,- plus money for meals, local transportation etc. An equivalent assignment will be provided for students who do not attend the study trip.

Assessment methods

English classes at Nord University use a combination of portfolio assessment, obligatory assignments, home exams, in-school exams, and oral exams. By using a variety of assessments, students are insured fair and holistic evaluation of their knowledge of and skills in English.

The Norwegian system for grading and assessment using the letter grades A - F, in which A denotes the best/highest grade and F denotes "not passed". Candidates’ work can also be assessed as "passed", "not passed", "approved" and "not approved".


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Programme evaluation

The faculty organizes course and program evaluations on a routine basis.

Qualifications requirements and regulations

View rules and regulations for examinations

Additionally, upon entering the degree program, students are provided with information regarding university level academic expectations in the form of a short handbook and in-person advising. Students are asked to sign a statement acknowledging receipt and comprehension of the contents of the handbook.

ECTS Credits 30 Study level Half-year programme and shorter Teaching language
The Faculty of Education and Arts
Course location Bodø