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Aquaculture and Marine Biosciences

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Programme description

The semester package in Aquaculture and Marine Biosciences include the following 10 ECTS-credit courses:
  • Aquaculture
  • Oceanography
  • Fish Physiology

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course:


The student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of farming salmon, halibut, cod and Balean wrasse
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of fish physiology
  • Have an understanding of the ocean as an environment for living organisms


The student should be able to:

  • Explain the principles used in the farming of actual species from egg to harvest
  • Explain how different fish groups are adapted to function optimally in their environment
  • Define and use key concepts in basic physical oceanography

General competence:

The student should:

  • Be able to discuss actual challenges as welfare and sustainability in the aquaculture industry
  • Be trained in giving oral and written presentations
  • Be able to adopt a critical stance towards `taken for granted¿ or common-sense understandings of oceans as physical environments

Admission requirements

Minimum 1.5 years of full-time studies within biology or related fields.

Please note: this semester package is designed specifically for exchange students.

How to apply for student exhange

Language requirement

Career possibilities

For students who transfer to the Bachelor of Science in Biology, this programme provides career opportunities for graduates in both the private and public sector.

Further education

The semester package can generally be acknowledged as one semester of undergraduate education at universities, related to study programmes within aquaculture, marine biology or ecology. Upon transfer to our BSc in Biology and graduation in the programme, students are qualified for Master in Biology and Aquaculture.


Semester registration fee and course literature. No tuition fees.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

The Norwegian system for grading and assessment using the letter grades A - F, in which A denotes the best/highest grade and F denotes "not passed". Work can also be assessed as "passed", "not passed", "approved" and "not approved".

Refer to applicable legislation, rules and regulations

Assessment methods

See assessment and examinations for each course.

Programme evaluation

Students take an active part in the evaluation of the courses in the programme through mid-term and final evaluation. Dialogue meetings are also conducted between students and the programme director every semester.


Qualifications requirements and regulations

ECTS Credits 30 Study level Half-year programme and shorter Teaching language
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Course location Bodø