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Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme, the candidate:


  • has broad knowledge of basic geographical theories and concepts, and of key perspectives and issues of geography
  • has knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methods in social sciences
  • has knowledge of scientific theory and of research areas in geography
  • has knowledge of theory and research within a special area of geography


  • is able to apply geographic theories and concepts related to nature and societal contexts on local, regional and global levels
  • can account for important change processes in population, mobility, environment, working life, economy and globalisation
  • can assess the use and quality of different research methods related to his or her own research question
  • can facilitate and conduct a geographic excursion in a professional didactic setting

General competence

  • can understand and independently reflect upon natural and societal challenges and changes on various geographic levels
  • can communicate geographic perspectives in different contexts

Admission requirements

Applicants must fulfil the requirements for Norwegian General Study competence as well as language proficiency requirements in Norwegian and English language.

Read more about admission requirements

Career possibilities

A degree in Geography can lead to a wide range of career opportunities. Geographers work in the private and public sector, and are often hired for positions that require planning and management skills, as well as good knowledge of maps and practical skill required to apply Geographic information system software. The degree also qualifies for teaching geography and social sciences in high school.

Study abroad

The program facilitates exchanges in the 4th semester (spring semester) in the 2nd year of study. Nord University has several current partner institutions that can offer compatible topics and which could be incorporated in the 4th semester curriculum. Students who are interested in going abroad can contact their study adviser and or the international coordinator at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

If an applicant does not fullfit the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification but has experience-based competence relevant to the field of study, they may apply for recognition of this competence in order to fullfill the admission requirements.

Read General Arrangements for Recognition of prior learning for more detailed information.

ECTS Credits 180 Study level Bachelor's degree programme Teaching language
Faculty of Social Sciences
Course location Levanger