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Circumpolar Studies, one year

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Programme description

Northern Studies is an academic programme providing the basis for further studies at bachelor level, either at Nord University or at other universities both in Norway and abroad.

The programme consists of 4 core course units, each providing 15 ECTS:

  • BCS105X An Introduction to the Humanities and to the Circumpolar World
  • BCS115X Land and Environment of the Circumpolar World I and II
  • BCS125X Peoples and Cultures of the Circumpolar World I and II
  • BCS135X Contemporary Issues of the Circumpolar World I and II

These core courses are all delivered online using Nord University's E-learning platform. The courses are comprised of modules (corresponding to lectures) on different subjects and followed by questions for self-testing as well as for exam purposes.

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Learning outcomes


The student should:

  • have a broad understanding of different social science theories and methodologies
  • be acquainted with the concepts used to describe the Circumpolar World
  • have basic knowledge of the history and the most common geographical, biological and physical aspects of the Circumpolar World
  • have knowledge about the people and peoples living in the Circumpolar World
  • have knowledge about contemporary challenges for the Circumpolar World, including management of natural resources, sustainable development, business, culture, politics, health issues and the rights of indigenous peoples.


The student should:

  • have developed skills necessary for critical analysis
  • be able to reflect critically on the ethical challenges involved in research and creation of knowledge

General Competence

The student should:

  • have developed basic knowledge and understanding both of science and of the Circumpolar World

Admission requirements

Opptak på bakgrunn av realkompetanse etter gjeldende norske regler.

Career possibilities

The Northern Studies programme provides a solid background for further study within the social sciences. As an addition to other bachelor level studies, it provides students with the critical skills and knowledge-base to work in a range of positions related to the High North. These could include teaching, tourism and work in cultural and communication sectors.

Further education

The one year study programme in Northern Studies qualifies graduates for admission to further studies at bachelor level in Circumpolar Studies at Nord University, or at other universities. It can also be incorporated into other social sciences degrees.

Study abroad

There are no student exchange possibilties on this programme.


No specific costs other than semester registration fee and course literature.

Assessment methods

Home examinations, online lectures and written submissions. The written submissions are compulsory. The written assignments have to be successfully completed in order for the student to be able to receive the formal grade and credits. The language of the examination is English.

Graduation requirements

Completion of all 60 ECTS credit points.

Programme evaluation

The study programme is evaluated annually via student questionnaires and by the programme director. These evaluations form a part of the university's quality assurance system.

Qualifications requirements and regulations

ECTS Credits 60 Study level One-year programme Teaching language
Faculty of Social Sciences
Course location Bodø