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Nordic Politics and Society - 30 ECTS credits

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Programme description

The Programme consists of 3 courses each providing 10 ECTS:

  • SA 218S History, Politics and Northern Resources
  • SA 212S The Nordic Societies
  • SA 210S Nordic Politics

In conjunction with Advanced Emphasis courses within the Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies, this package lays the foundation for further studies at a Masters degree level, in Norway or abroad.

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Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme the candidate will:
  • have knowledge about the political development towards the present political systems in the Nordic countries
  • be familiar with concepts central to the political systems of the Nordic countries, such as Social Democracy, the Welfare State, Consensual Democracy, Corporatism
  • have knowledge about central aspects of the Nordic societies such as educational systems, gender equality, religion, language, welfare systems, Indigenous People and minorities
  • have knowledge about the history and present challenges in The High North, including different agencies of cooperation, foreign and security policy, natural resources, sustainable development, rights of Indigenous People

Admission requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

Language requirement: see general guidelines for admission

This semester package is designed specifically for exchange students. Please go to Student Exchange for more information about becoming an exchange student at Nord University.

Career possibilities

Building knowledge about the Nordic countries, politics, societies, indigenous peoples and topical items, the programme is relevant for a wide range of jobs.

Further education

The semester programme will in combination with the BCS core courses and 90 ECTS electives, constitute a Bachelor in Circumpolar Studies if the student is admitted to the Bachelor programme. This Bachelor is a foundation for admission to Master in Social Science - Arcitc Societies and Climate Change.



Study abroad

This semester package is offered for students coming for exchange to Nord University.


No special costs except semester registration fee and syllabus literature.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

Admission based on real life and work experience (formal, informal and non-formal prior learning) according to current Norwegian regulations.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

The Norwegian system for grading and assessment using the letter grades A - F, in which A denotes the best/highest grade and F denotes "not passed". Work can also be assessed as "passed", "not passed", "approved" and "not approved".

Refer to applicable legislation, rules and regulations

Assessment methods

Compulsory work and home examinations.

Graduation requirements

Final graduation requirements for the one semester programme consist of completion of the 30 ECTS required.

Programme evaluation

The study programme is evaluated annually by students using course evaluation studies and by the programme director. The evaluations are included in the university's quality assurance system

Qualifications requirements and regulations

ECTS Credits 30 Study level Half-year programme and shorter Teaching language
Faculty of Social Sciences
Course location Bodø