Committee for Ethical Research

The Committee for Ethical Research is Nord University's advisory body for good research ethics. The committee is an element of the University's quality assurance system and is grounded in national ethical standards and in the institution's ethical guidelines.

​​​​​The Committee will advise and provide submissions to cases relating to ethical research. It should advance good research ethics and foster professional development. Further, the committee will work to ensure that research at the University is conducted in accordance with relevant frameworks for ethical research, as well as work to advance awareness of ethical research at Nord University.

The committee is charged with providing advice and statements in cases which raise questions related to ethical research, where there is suspicion of academic misconduct or violation of good scientific practice. The committee is advisory only, and has therefore no judicial function in relation to violations; nor does it administrate means of penalty/sanction. 





​Hege Eggen​​ Børve
​Faculty of Social Sciences
​Are-Severin Ingulfsvann
​Business School
​Vegar Rangul
​Faculty of Nursing and ​Health Sciences
​Harald Aaker ​Member​Faculty of Bioscience and Aquaculture
​Katrine Moen
​Member​Faculty of Education and Arts
​John Arngrim Hunnes
​External member
​University of Agder
​Fredrik Boksasp
​Member (legal advisor)
​Academic administration
​Christine Aasen
Secretary/Senior a​dvisor
Research divisioin

Acts and regulations: