International Committee

The International Committee at Nord University is a catalyst for activities related to internationalisation at the faculties and among the students.



Nord University's International Committee comprises 10 members for the study year 2022 - 2023. The Committee is chaired by the Pro-Rector for Education.

Five committee members are elected from among the university's staff. The students (three committee members) are represented by the leaders of the International Student Union Bodø and two representatives from the Student Parliament.

​Name ​Function​Title

​Representative for​Study location

​Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk
​Chair​Pro-rector for Education
​Rectorate ​Bodø
​Kristin Gulstad Aaknes
​Faculty of Education and Arts
Ragnhild Forseth

Stian Hiis Bergh
​Faculty of Social Sciences​Bodø
Ole Christian Tidemann
Jose Antonio de Pool Moran
​Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
​Viviane Paulette Verlhac Trichet
​Sandra Wiik
​Nord Business School
Grete Ingemann Knudsen
​Ingrid Bergem Sand 
​Faculty of Nursing and Health SciencesLevanger
Malene Bjørnbakk
Sam Mercuri
​Student representative
​ISU - Bodø​Bodø
Andjela Dimitrijevic 

Anna-Victoria Bjørsvik
​Student representative
​Student Organisation Nord
​Mo i Rana
Emma Martine Lund
Yun Victoria Imislund
​Member​Student representative
​Student Organisation Nord
Avinash Shedge
​Ida Charlotte Jakobsen
Committee Secretary

International Office

Mari Anna Brønseth Friedrich
​2. Committee Secretary
Senior Executive Officer
​International Office

Terms of reference

The primary function of the International Committee is to stimulate internationalisation at the faculties and in the student community. Each meeting includes reports from representatives about completed, current and planned activities that form the core of the university's international engagement.

  1. The International Committee is an advisory body for the university management in matters relating to internationalisation.
  2. The International Committee shall contribute to stimulating activities related to internationalisation among faculties as well as among students.
  3. The International Committee shall develop action plans and report to the leadership about completed, current and planned activities that form the core of the university's international engagement.
  4. The International Committee shall drive forward internationalisation as the institution, and function as an information channel and a meeting place for different departments, faculties and students.
  5. The International Committee has authority to pass decisions within its terms of reference when more than half of the total members are present and cast votes. This number may include substitute members if permanent members are unable to attend.

The International Committee manages cases pertaining to international studies, student exchange, development of the cooperation portfolio and the professional development and mobility of staff.

Internationalisation Policy

 Committee Secretary

Meetings 2023

​12 - 15
​12 - 15
​12 - 15

​12 - 15
​12 - 15