Language Committee

The Language Committee is responsible for surveying, reporting on and implementing measures related to parallel language use, plain language and language quality in all of the university areas of operations.

​​​​​Terms of reference

  1. The Language Committee is an advisory body for the University's leadership in cases that relate to language use at the institution and general language policy. 
  2. The Language Committee will make priorities for work with language policy at the institution. 
  3. The Language Committee will identify, adopt and introduce measures that facilitate implementation of language policy. 
  4. The Language Committee will ensure that plain language and parallel language use are founding principles for language use, and that the institution achieves and maintains a strategic and reasonable balance between Bokmål, Nynorsk, English and the Saami languages in research, education, communication and administration. 
  5. The Language Committee wil survey the nee​d for language training, and work to improve the language skills of staff and students. 
  6. The Language Committee reports to the University Board in the annual report regarding completed, ongoing and planned measures, as well as the language situation at the institution. 
  7. The Language Committee is a resource and a leading example for parallel language use and plain language. 
  8. The Language Committee can adopt decisions when half or more of the total number of members is present, including substitutes when permanent members are unable to attend. ​
By decision of the rector, 10. november 2020.


Chair, Prorector of research and development
Ketil Eiane

Member, FBA
Jarle Jørgensen

Member, FLU
Ellen Sæthre-Mcguirk

Member FSH
Unn Siri Olsen

Member FSV
Hege Lamark

Member, HHN
Hege Eilertsen

Member, administration (University Library)
Malin Norman

Member, administration (HR)
Marthe Storhaug

Student representative

Secretary, Communications Unit
Sarah Evans