The Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee plans and monitors various initiatives regarding the students’ learning environment on all levels (physically, psychosocially, organisational, digital, pedagogical).

The Learning Environment Committee at Nord University consists of 10 permanent members, five from the student body and three from the staff, one from the Nord University Student Organisation as well as the Pro-Rector for Education. All the permanent representatives shall have a personal substitute appointed for them.

Representatives from the employees are appointed for two-year terms. Student representatives are elected by the student organisations at Nord University.

The committee has observers from the University Library, facilitators, study location heads and International Office. In addition, observers may be summoned if and when needed. All observers have the right to speak and present proposals.


​Constitution:                                                  ​                                               

Maria Håkensen Andersen (chair)

Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk (deputy head)

Synne Hansen (student)

Nora Gjestvang (student)

Eugen Sebastian Hovden Haush (student)

Haldor Melby (student)

Kirsti Grøtan (StudentiNord)

Rita Lundestad (academic staff)

Tomm Erik Svennebø Sandmoe (property manager)

Odd Asbjørn Halseth (ICT manager)


Mariell Opdal Jørstad (meeting secretary)

Karoline Amundsen Wik (bi-secretary)​

Terms of reference

Useful information

Universell (national coordinator for universal design and inclusive learning environments).