Research Committee

The Research Committee is an advisory body for the university management in all matters pertaining to research in the broadest sense.

​​​​The Research Committee at Nord University consists of 10 members and is chaired by the Pro-Rector for Research. All members are appointed with a personal substitute. A deputy chair is to be elected among the representatives of the employees.

Employees (7) are represented by the person who is Head of Education and Research at each faculty, such as the Dean or Vice Dean.

The students (2) are appointed from among the Ph.D. students at the institution. The Dean of each faculty suggests a representative, and out of the four suggestions, two are elected permanent representatives and two as substitutes.

The secretaries of the faculties’ research committees are observers, as is a representative from Nordland Research Institute.


Ketil EianeChair
Kiron Viswanath
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Substitute Mette Sørensen
Lars Kirkhusmo PharoMember
Faculty of Education and Arts
Substitute Egil Solli
Cecilie Høj AnvikMember
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Substitute Elisabet Ljunggren
Kari IngstadMember
Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
Substitute Gøril Ursin
Terje MathisenMember
Business School
Substitute Gry Agnete Alsos
Iselin K. Mauseth SeiraMember
Iselin MarstranderObserver
Nordland Research Institute
Britt NormannObserver
Committee for Ethical Research
Tina BringslimarkSecretary
Research and Development Division

Terms of reference

The Research Committee is an advisory body for the university management in matters pertaining to research in the broadest sense.

The Research Committee shall contribute to increasing research and dissemination at the university.

The Research Committee shall develop an action plan that is to be evaluated on an annual basis and shall submit an annual report to the university management.

The Research Committee shall execute initiatives related to research and dissemination within frames provided by the Board/Rector through budget allocations.

The Research Committee shall be in close contact with each individual research community with a view to external profiling of the university’s research community.

The Research Committee shall work for disseminating research results from the communities at the university to users and the public in an adequate way. The Committee is also administratively and professionally responsible for the university’s publishing series according to pre-defined guidelines.

The Research Ethics Committee is subject to the Research Committee and carries the responsibility of being engaged with research-ethical questions relevant to the university’s researchers.​