Suitability Assessment Committee

Students undertaking specific professional studies are subject to on-going suitability assessment throughout the course of their degree. These assessments are included in an overall evaluation of the student’s professional and personal suitability for work in education, health or social services. A student who potentially constitutes a danger to the life, physical or mental health, rights or security of children, pupils or patients, clients or users, shall be assessed as unsuitable. For further information, please refer to the Regulations relating to studies and examinations at Nord University.

Suitability assessment committee

The term of the present committee is 01.01.2016 - 01.01.2017.

Function                                                      Member

Chair                                                                  Trine Karlsen​, Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

Programme coordinator                                 Vegar Sellæg Brenne (Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences)

Lecturer                                                             Marit Tverraabak (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Lecturer                                                             Trond Hanssen (Nord Business School)

Representatives from professional practice      Nora Frydendal Hoem (Nordlandssykehuset) and Torkjel Øyen (Grunnskolen Levanger)


​External representative                                     Espen Strøm, Chair of the Nordland County Committee, Bodø. 

Karin Anette Indbryn has been appointed the institution’s Suitability Assessment Officer for the term of the committee.

Regulations relating to suitability assessment in higher education