Misconduct: sexual harassment and bullying

All students at Nord University are entitled to an enjoyable and safe learning environment. Nord University has zero tolerance for harassment and bullying.

​Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual attention, which the recipient experiences as bothersome, provoking and/or offensive. Examples of sexual harassment include comments of a sexual nature, appraising glances, text and/or media messages with sexual undertones, and unwanted physical contact.

The type of behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment depends on how the recipient experiences the attention. It is the recipient who determines what constitutes or does not constitute sexual harassment.

Report sexual harassment

If you believe you are the victim of sexual harassment, either by students or staff members, it is important that you report such behaviour to the university. Your report will be treated confidentially and with high priority.  

Contact the Organisation Division by email: HMS@nord.no.

If you need someone to talk to, you may also contact the student welfare organisation's counsellors.

Report misconduct
Email: hms@nord.no

Talk to someone

Contact a university counsellor >