Report misconduct

Nord University wants to hear back from our employees and students. We therefore encourage you to notify us about issues related to your study environment, as well as harmful situations and behaviour, such as bullying and sexual harassment or you may also suggest improvements.

​​​Reporting violations

If you wish to report negative incidents or circumstances we urge you to use our notification form. You may use the form to report:

  • Violations of laws and regulations
  • Excluding work and study environment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Conditions that might harm the university or individuals at the university
  • Other negative or harmful situations and circumstances

Reporting sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual attention that the recipient experiences as bothersome, provoking and/or offensive. Nord University has zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour.

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> Notification form

Data security and student privacy 

Report breach of data security and student privacy in research, teaching or administrative contexts. 

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Breach of HSE policy 

Report unwanted incidents or occurrences that may, or have already led to personal injury, material or environmental damage, as well as breaches of our HSE policy.

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Praise and criticism

How do you feel about being a student at Nord University? Provide us with feedback!

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Buildings and rooms

For issues related to buildings and rooms, such as ventilation, equipment, and central heating, contact campusservice:​

 Contact person

Ombudsperson for students

Hanne Seljesæter
Tel: +47 941 69 899

The ombudsperson for students is an independent and impartial person whose role is to advise students at Nord University in cases related to their studies and academic situation.