David Valente

PhD Research Fellow
Faculty of Education and Arts
Bodø, Mørkvedgården 275
Areas of expertise
English teacher education, Interculturality, Children's literature, English language education, Diversity in ELT, English subject pedagogy, English in school settings, Early language learning

David Valente is a Nord University research fellow in English teacher education. As a member of the Nord Research Group for Children’s Literature in English Language Teaching, his research centres on the integration of children’s literature into teacher education for interculturality. David’s PhD project investigates picturebooks for intercultural citizenship within the context of professional development for primary English teachers in Norway, Portugal, and Italy.

During his 25 years of international experience in English education, his work has included classroom teaching, teacher education, academic coordination, coursebook development and project management. David builds on these experiences as the communications director for the ;Early Language Learning Research Association and as the reviews editor for Nord’s open-access journal Children's Literature in English Language Education.

David is also a coordinating member of the four-year ;English Language and Literature – In-depth Learning ;project – a collaboration between Nord University and Bishop’s University in Canada. He is delighted to be part of the organizing committee for the ELLiL project conference, entitled Reading for in-depth English Learning (RidEL 2024).

David teaches on several English language and literature courses as part of the 5-year Master’s degree. In addition, he designs and delivers components of the continuing professional development program for English teachers of school grades 1-10. Modular content that he has recently developed includes:

  • Picturebooks for Linguistic, Aesthetic and Educational Goals
  • Intercultural Citizenship Education through Literature for Grades 5-7
  • Deep Reading for In-depth English Language and Literature Learning
  • Verse Novels for Exploring Refugee Experiences with Grades 8-10
  • Assessment for ;Learning with Literature as a Vehicle

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