Frank Lindberg

Nord University Business School
Areas of expertise
Marketing, Tourism, Sustainable development, Experience industries, Organized research training (doctoral programme), Marketing£ Organisation and Leadership Division, Business and industry

Frank Lindberg, Ph.D, is Professor of marketing at Nord University Business School. He has master in marketing and consumer research from University of South-East Norway ;(1990) and PhD from Copenhagen Business School (2001). Lindberg has previously been Vice Dean and Dean at Bodø Grad. School of Business (2003-2011) and Program Director, PhD in Business at Nord University Business School (2018-2021). He has a research stay at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (1997), and was Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley, USA (2012), University of Southern Denmark (2015) and has worked at University of Gothenburg (2016-17). His research covers areas such as experience marketing, tourism marketing, consumer research especially related to Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) and brand myths and value. He has recently been working on the Research Council of Norway funded project "Northern Insight-Experiences in the High North" where he was leading sub projects on extraordinary consumer experiences. He is currently Head of Division for ;Market, Organization and ;Leadership (MOL).

I'm teaching in ;bachelor's programs ;on ;marketing and consumption of experiences, master's programs ;on ;branding and consumer marketing, advanced marketing theory and global perspectives, and PhD on marketing theory (consumer culture theory) and research design/methods.

I'm supervising students on ;bachelor, master og PhD ;levels. ;Currently I'm supervising three ;PhD students:

Asif Ijaz "Consumer experiences in multi-cultural contexts"

Pamela Ogada "Immigrant Market Formation"

Adrian Kristiansen "Consumption in ;technoculture contexts" ;

I'm member of two research groups under the Division Marketing, Organization, Leadership ;(MOL) Marketing, Management and Innovation of Experiences (MMIE) og International Marketing.

In 2022 ;we arranged ;an international research conference in ;Bodø CIMaR2022, on the topic: ;Sustainable International Business Strategies and Practices. This conference was postpone from 2020 to 2022 ;due to the corona epidemic.

In August 2023 we will host the Network on ;Nordic Consumer Culture in Bodø.

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Division Marketing, Organization, Leadership ;(MOL)

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