Employee photo: Irina Vladimirovna Smolina

Irina Vladimirovna Smolina

Senior Engineer
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Study location
Bodø, Hovedbygning 2085

In a wide sense I´m a geneticist with strong interest in molecular ecology and practical skills in molecular lab and data analysis. I´m aiming to help researchers to brigde molecular lab and bioinformatics, since often decisions in the first influence workflow in the second. Google Scholar ResearchGate

BSc: BI210F Molecular Cell Biology
BI214F Molecular Ecology
BI317F Evolutionary Genetics
PhD: DR425F High throughput sequencing of non-model organisms BIO9001 Population Genomics
Calanus phylogenomics and phylotranscriptomics Chlamydomonas transcriptomic stress response Alcid and skuas phylogeny
Insights into the species evolution of Calanus copepods in the northern seas revealed by de novo transcriptome sequencing 2022, Ecology and Evolution: Volum 12 Lizano, Apollo Marco Dalonos; Smolina, Irina Vladimirovna; Choquet, Marvin ; Kopp, Martina Elisabeth Luise; Hoarau, Galice Guillaume
Adaptation of temperate seagrass to Arctic light relies on seasonal acclimatization of carbon capture and metabolism 2021, Frontiers in Plant Science: Volum 12 Jueterbock, Alexander; Duarte, Bernardo; Coyer, James A.; Olsen, Jeanine L; Kopp, Martina Elisabeth Luise; Smolina, Irina Vladimirovna
The Seagrass Methylome Is Associated With Variation in Photosynthetic Performance Among Clonal Shoots 2020, Frontiers in Plant Science: Volum 11 Jüterbock, Alexander Oliver; Boström, Christoffer; Coyer, James A.; Olsen, Jeanine L; Kopp, Martina Elisabeth Luise; Dhanasiri, Anusha
Proteomic and transcriptomic patterns during lipid remodeling in nannochloropsis gaditana 2020, International Journal of Molecular Sciences: Volum 21 s. 1-23 Hulatt, Christopher Jonathan; Smolina, Irina Vladimirovna; Dowle, Adam; Kopp, Martina Elisabeth Luise; Vasanth, Ghana Kalerammana; Hoarau, Galice Guillaume
In a comfort zone and beyond—Ecological plasticity of key marine mediators 2020, Ecology and Evolution: Volum 10 s. 14067-14081 Trudnowska, Emilia; Ostaszewska, Kaja; Stoń-Egiert, Joanna; Smolina, Irina Vladimirovna; Brown, Thomas; Gluchowska, Marta
Towards population genomics in non-model species with large genomes: a case study of the marine zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus 2019, Royal Society Open Science: Volum 6 Choquet, Marvin ; Smolina, Irina Vladimirovna; Dhanasiri, Anusha Krishanthi Shyama; Blanco-Bercial, Leocadio; Kopp, Martina Elisabeth Luise; Jüterbock, Alexander Oliver
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Genomic effects of fishery-induced selection in guppy Poecilia reticulate 2017, Smolina, Irina Vladimirovna; Jüterbock, Alexander Oliver; Diaz Pauli, Beatriz; Hoarau, Galice Guillaume; Heino, Mikko Petteri
Transcriptome response to thermal stress in two key zooplankton species, Calanus finmarchicus and C. glacialis 2014, Smolina, Irina; Kollias, Spyros; Møller, Eva Friis; Lindeque, Penelope; Hoarau, Galice