Mark John Costello

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Bodø, Hovedbygning 2014
Areas of expertise
Biodiversity, Biogeography, Ecology, Marine conservation, Freshwater conservation, Climate change, Sea-lice, Biodiversity informatics, Marine reserves, Marine Protected Areas (MPA)

My interests are in biodiversity, biogeography and ecology, especially in the ocean, with applications in relation to nature conservation, climate change, invasive species, and aquaculture.

I am from Kildare in Ireland. I studied in Galway (BSc Hon. Zoology NUIG) and Cork (PhD UCC), followed by postdoc's at the Marine Biological Association Plymouth, and jointly with the Marine Laboratory Aberdeen and Napier University Edinburgh (where I was based at Poolewe, a remote field station on the west coast). After being a lecturer in Trinity College Dublin for 6 years my group set up a research and consulting company called EcoServe (Ecological Consultancy Services Ltd) of which I was Managing Director. I was Executive Director of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada for almost 4 years, and then became a professor at the University of Auckland, New Zealand until joining Nord University in 2020.

My teaching has not yet begun at Nord University but is likely to include aspects of Marine Protected Areas, marine biodiversity and biogeography, and biodiversity informatics.

an interview about the origins of the World Register of Marine species
public lectures about the oceans and need for Marine Reserves and my research journey.

See my Research Group website for information on recent research and tips for graduate students (and things I should also remember) and other web links.

Google Scholar profile for publications.
BONWorking Group 2 of the 6th Assessment Report of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Lead author of the Australia and New Zealand regional chapter.

I manage the Facebook page for Marine Reserves and the email lists MARINE-B (marine biodiversity for the International Association for Biological Oceanography), and Caligus on sea-lice biology and control.

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