4th Effectuation Conference

5 JUNE – 7 JUNE 2016

Photo: Terje Rakke/nordnorge.com

The 4th Effectuation Conference takes place in Kjerringøy, Bodø, Norway
– in "the land of the midnight sun" – just above the Arctic Circle.

time schedule

Extended submission deadline 
February 15, 2016

Author notification
February 28, 2016

Registration opens         
March 1, 2016

Registration closes
April 1, 2016

June 5-7, 2016

Call for papers

about the conference

The aim of the Effectuation Conference is to address the issues of researching and teaching effectuation. It is a combination of interactive seminars on teaching and research, small research clinics where papers are discussed, and workshops. The 4th Effectuation Conference is scheduled for June 5-7, 2016 in Kjerringøy, just outside the city of Bodø (Norway), hosted by Nord University Business School and Nordland Research Institute. Our hosts will be Tommy Høyvarde Clausen, Gry Agnete Alsos and Sølvi Solvoll. The organizing team also comprises René Mauer (ESCP Europe Berlin), Tiago Ratinho (University of Baltimore), Philippe Silberzahn (EMLYON), and last but not least our ever committed stakeholders Stuart Read (Willamette University) and Saras Sarasvathy (Darden Business School).

Previous conferences:
The 3rd Effectuation Conference took place on December 8-9 2014 in Enschede, the Netherlands. It was hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS) at the University of Twente and organized by Jeroen Kraaijenbrink (University of Twente) and Tiago Ratinho (University of Baltimore).

The 2nd Effectuation Conference took place on June 3-4, 2013 in Lyon, France, and was hosted by EMLYON Business School. It was organized by Philippe Silberzahn (EMLYON Business School) and Jeroen Kraaijenbrink (University of Twente).

The 1st Effectuation Conference took place on December 5-6, 2011 in Lyon, France, and was hosted by EMLYON Business School. It was organized by Philippe Silberzahn (EMLYON Business School) and Sylvain Bureau (ESCP Europe).


conference venue and accomodation

The conference venue will be at Kjerringøy Trading Post, located approximately 45 minutes outside the city of Bodø. The Trading post now serves as a museum, conserving the many years of trade and tradition that took place at Kjerringøy. For further information about Kjerringøy Trading Post, visit the museum website.

Bus transportation between the airport in Bodø and the conference venue in Kjerringøy will be arranged. The buses will depart from Bodø airport on June 5 (Sunday evening) and will also stop at Hotel Scandic Havet, in the city center of Bodø. Further information will be e-mailed to participants registered for the conference.

Accommodation will be available at the Kjerringøy Hotel and Guest Houses, a mere two minute walk from the conference venue. Please be aware that most rooms are located in guesthouses inspired by traditional fishermen's cottages and may have shared bathrooms. For more information, see the Hotel website (only in Norwegian). 

Due to limited capacity at the Hotel, detailed booking information will be sent out via e-mail, and only to participants accepted to present papers.

Photo: Terje Rakke - Nordic Life(www.nordnorge.com)

NOTE to BCERC 2016 participants:
For those of you also attending the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) 2016, we have two options.

  1. Stay on in the Hotel in Kjerringøy from June 7 – June 8 (NOTE: this is 40 minutes outside the city of Bodø, and transportation to/from the city is limited)
  2. Use the BCERC 2016 booking arrangement in the city of Bodø from June 7 – June 8, following the instructions described on Nord University’s BCERC website www.nord.no/bcerc:

BCERC accommodation details


Paper submission

Research orientation: please submit an academic paper, or extended abstract of at least 7 pages, but with a maximum of 30 pages. Papers can be fully developed, but we particularly encourage the submission of working papers that can benefit from our interactive workshop format.

Teaching and practice orientation: please submit at least a three-page description or design of a practice you have used or are planning to use. That could be a teaching practice, a tool, an intervention design or a (consulting-) case. Please describe your experiences and list potential questions that you may have for discussing.
Both types of papers should be sent to the organizers at: effectuation@uin.no. Please indicate the track you are submitting for (Practice/Teaching or Research).




June 5, Sunday
17.15First bus departs from the airport
Bus transportation
​19.50​Second bus departs from the airport
​Bus transportation
21.00ReceptionKjerringøy Bryggehotel
June 6, Monday
08:30 Morning coffeeKjerringøy Old Trading Post
09:00 Conference opens 

Opening session

Saras Sarasvathy and Stuart Read

10:30Coffee break 

Paper clinic I & practitioner clinic I

Parallel sessions


With an option to discover the area



Denis Gergoire

45 min + 15 min discussion

14:30Coffee break 

Paper clinic II & practitioner clinic II

Parallel sessions
16:00Free time 
17:00Effectual dinnerKjerringøy Old Trading Post
June 7, Tuesday
08:30  Morning coffeeKjerringøy Old Trading Post
09:00   Effectuation dinner debrief 

Paper clinic III & practitioner clinic III

Parallel sessions
11:00Coffee break (and check out) 


Practitioner insights by Michael Faschingauer
and Rene Mauer



13:30Effectuation – ways forward. Panel 
14:15Concluding remarks 
14:45Departure – transportation to Bodø 

organizing committee

Tommy Høyvarde Clausen (Nord University Business School)
Gry Agnete Alsos (Nord University Business School)
Sølvi Solvoll (Nordland Research Institute)
René Mauer (ESCP Europe Berlin)
Tiago Ratinho (University of Baltimore)
Stuart Reed (Willamette University)
Saras Sarasvathy (Darden Business School)
Philippe Silberzahn (EM Lyon)
Thomas Blekman (De Beukelaar Group)
Michael Faschingbauer (Effectuation Intelligence)


The conference is sponsored by:


Nord University Business School (former Bodø Graduate School of Business) was founded in 1985. We offer a range of study programs at undergraduate, graduate, advanced graduate and PhD level. The business school admits about 560 students each year, and are currently enrolling 1700 students at Bachelor, Master and PhD programs. Our research flagships at the Business School are entrepreneurship and innovation, and high north studies. With learning facilities across the high north, Nord University is an important institution of teaching and research
in the region. Nord University Business School represents Norway’s leading research group on entrepreneurship. For more information, visit our website: Department of innovation and entrepreneurship


Nordland Research Institute is a non-profit research organization, founded in 1979. The main owner is Nord university. Major research fields include regional development, welfare studies, environmental issues, innovation and entrepreneurship. The institute employs a staff of 35, hereof 15 within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship research is one of our four strategic areas, and has been central to the institute for the last two decades. Visit our website at Nordland Research Institute

Nordland County Council is working to create a positive development throughout the county for the benefit of Nordlands inhabitants. They are working to facilitate regional development through developing good communities, and contribute to the migration and recruitment to the county. One of Nordland County Council’s tasks is to facilitate research and development of society and institutions. The county council sponsor the conference and one best paper award.

the city of bodø

Bodø is the second largest city in Northern Norway, with just over 50.000 inhabitants. It is situated north of the Arctic Circle, and offers fascinating and contrasting seasons – from midnight sun in June, to polar nights in December. Bodø is a regional centre with a busy airport, and offers bus, railway and boat connections to the surrounding areas. Bodø is a distinctive student residence, and has a lively cultural scene and night life.
The City is situated on a peninsula, and the city centre is compact, with shops and restaurants within walking distance from all hotels. It is actually possible to walk from the airport to the city centre in about 10 minutes. Public transport is good, and the infrastructure is built to suit pedestrians and cyclists. Bodø is a peaceful city, with low crime rates, which is also the case in the rest of the country.

Climate and weather conditions 
 When coming abroad, people often ask the weather in Bodø, assuming that a town above the Arctic Circle has to be freezing cold. The truth is that the Norwegian coastline is heated by the Gulf Stream, and it never actually that cold in summer. This is, of course, all relative, and compared to other places in the world, it might be perceived as cold (for summer weather). The average temperature in Bodø in June is 13.4C/56F. However, in Bodø you will experience 24h daylight, and hopefully the Midnight sun in June! For more about the wather in Bodø, you can access www.yr.no

Eating out                
Bodø offers restaurants, cafes and pubs of all sorts. It is possible to enjoy fine dining, and having a high quality four course meal including a wine menu for approx. NOK 1000 ($120). Pizza places are easy to find, and the price for 16’’ pizza is approx. NOK 200 ($25). Ethnic cuisines such as Spanish tapas, Indian curry, Sushi, Chinese and Thai are also easy to find.
Visiting Norway, trying a fish meal is recommended, and several restaurants offers good Norwegian cuisine. In summer, it is very popular to buy shrimps from the fishing boats at the docks, and eating them by the waterside. We absolutely recommend it! In general, gratuity is not mandatory, but given if you feel the service deserves it.

Shopping is good in Bodø, due to the town also being a regional centre. There are two malls of: one is in the city centre (Glasshuset), and one is within twenty minutes walking distance from the city centre (City Nord). The City Nord mall has a frequent bus connection, both from the city centre, as well as from the University Campus.

Nordic design articles are found in several shops. For instance, Norwegian handicraft is bought at Husfliden. Apart from this, Swedish glass art (e.g. Orrefors), Finnish Marimekko and Ittala products are found both in the city centre, and in the City Nord shops. For non-European citizens, it is possible to shop “tax free”, i.e. to get the tax refunded when leaving Norway (

To learn more about Bodø see www.visitbodo.no and Welcome to a taste of the north

contact information


Professor Tommy Høyvarde Clausen 
Nord University Business School
Phone: +47 75 51 78 78
E-mail: tommy.h.clausen@nord.no  ​

Professor Gry Agnete Alsos
Nord University Business School 
Phone: +47 75 51 76 51
E-mail: gry.a.alsos@nord.no

Researcher Sølvi Solvoll
Nordland Research Institute
Phone: +47 75 41 18 38
E-mail: solvi.solvoll@nforsk.no

Conference coordinator
Maja Nilssen               
Nord University Business School
Phone: +47 75 51 76 38
E-mail: Maja.nilssen@nord.no

P.O.Box 1490
N-8049 Bodø

Nord University Business School
Nordland Research Institute