36th Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

The 36th BCERC will be held at Nord University Business School, Bodø, Norway - June 8-11, 2016. The conference will focus on cutting-edge empirical research in progress that will significantly advance the field of entrepreneurship.

welcome to BCERC 2016

Andrew Zacharakis
2016 BCERC Co-Director Babson College

The 2016 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) Co-sponsored by the Nord University Business School and the Nordland Research Institute promises to be a motivating, educational and social experience, bringing together the world’s leaders in entrepreneurship research. I am pleased to be Co-
Directing theconference with Gry Agnete Alsos, a world prominent scholar in the field of entrepreneurship and a long-time contributor to BCERC. We are excited to have two great scholars, Elisabet Ljunggren, with our Co-sponsor, the Nordland Research Institute and Johan Wiklund from our past Co-sponsor, Syracuse University, both leading entrepreneurship researchers and regular attendees of BCERC, as the Co-Directors of the Doctoral Consortium Program.

The Nord University Business School, (NUBS) offers a dynamic, modern learning environment for higher education and research. Nord University has established collaborations with international partners in the High North and around the globe. Established joint degree programs and research projects with, among others, Russia, the Ukraine and Slovakia, build on strong educational networks. Nord University admits exchange students from partner institutions from around the world and supports a lively and diverse student community, at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

The Nordland Research Institute conducts research on topics which are related to social science, entrepreneurship and the environment. The Nordland Research Institute’s thematic scope is extensive and cross-sectional, and also participates in research and development projects in close co- operation with public and private clients. Nordland Research Institute participates in procurement and dissemination of knowledge and science.

The NordUniversity Business School and the Nordland Research Institute are located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) outside Bodø’s City Centre. The town lies just north of the Arctic Circle where the midnight sun is visible from 2 June to 10 July. We hope you have the opportunity to visit Saltstaumen, the strongest tidal current in the world, with water speeds reaching 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph), and the magnificent Norwegian Fjords from the deck of the Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage.

We are honored to partner with the Nord University Business School and the Nordland Research Institute and are excited to welcome researchers from around the world to share their entrepreneurial insight and passion. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Bodø, Norway in June.




Gry Agnete Alsos
Director 2016 BCERC

Nord University Business School and Nordland Research Institute are pleased to welcome scholars from all over the world to the 2016 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) in Bodø, Norway. BCERC is the world's preeminent scholarly conference on entrepreneurship and is this year for the first time hosted above the Arctic Circle – in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Nord University Business School and Nordland Research Institute are recognized as the leading entrepreneurship research community in Norway, comprising twenty entrepreneurship faculty, thirteen PhD students and seven affiliated international professors. Our scholars have taken part of the hospitality and high academic standards of the BCERC for two decades, first represented in 1992 in Fontainebleau (INSEAD). Since then, several faculty members have attended the conference each year. We are strongly committed to facilitate the 2016 BCERC in the spirit of the conference as the leading forum for sharing significant new contributions in the field of entrepreneurship and for discussing fruitful and important new areas of research. Acknowledging the role of BCERC as an important arena for meetings between entrepreneurship scholars, we also provide you with excellent social experiences and events. We hope that you will be able to join us for this year's conference, and we are sure you will find it an event well worth attending.



Elisabet Ljunggren
Doctoral Consortium co-Director

At Nord University Business School and Nordland Research Institute we are honored to welcome PhD-students and faculty from all over the world to the BCERC Doctoral Consortium. The tough job of evaluating the participants and finally choosing the ones invited show that the BCERC Doctoral Consortium is an attractive meeting point for junior scholars. We will provide an arena for exchange of ideas that will push forward the boundaries of your research and provide the entrepreneurship research community with new knowledge. In addition to debate and conversations with a highly dedicated and experienced faculty, there will be plenty of time for networking and socializing. We also want the Doctoral Consortium participants to get to know some of the Norwegian spirit, so please bring your good walking shoes and outdoor clothing! Welcome to Bodø in June!


Johan Wiklund
Doctoral Consortium co-Director

I want to welcome everybody, and in particular the doctoral students, to the Babson Conference – for the first time in Norway and for the first time north of the Arctic Circle. The Babson Conference is intimate and personal and a great place to meet with and get to know the leading scholars in the field world-wide. Participants in the Doctoral Consortium can look forward to making friends with the future leaders of the field. Twenty years ago I took part in this consortium, and still I am friends with and work together with the people I met there, several among them leading names in our field today.





The Nord University Business School (former Bodø Graduate School of Business) was founded in 1985. We offer a range of study programs at undergraduate, graduate, advanced graduate and PhD level. The business school admits about 560 students each year, and are currently enrolling 1700 students at Bachelor, Master and PhD programs.

Our research flagships at the Business School are entrepreneurship and innovation, and high north studies. With learning facilities across the high north, Nord University is an important institution of teaching and research
in the region. Nord University Business School represents Norway’s leading research group on entrepreneurship. Visit our website          


Nordland Research Institute is a non-profit research organization, founded in 1979. The main owner is University of Nordland. Major research fields include regional development, welfare studies, environmental issues, innovation and entrepreneurship. The institute employs a staff of 35, hereof 15 within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship research is one of our four strategic areas, and has been central to the institute for the last two decades. Visit our website at www.nordlandsforskning.no





At Babson College, entrepreneurship is more than just an academic discipline—it’s a way of life. Connecting theory with practice, we infuse entrepreneurship education throughout our curricula and cocurricular activities. The skills learned through our entrepreneurship programs are vital to the success of any business—large or small, public or private, corporate or nonprofit, local or global.
We are committed to implementing innovative approaches in our integrated, experience-based learning environment. Our campus is a living laboratory, where we experiment, improve, and evolve how to teach entrepreneurial process and foster entrepreneurial mindsets. We then take what we learn from our students’ and executive clients’ experiences to accelerate the ever-extending outer frontier of the field of entrepreneurship education. Visit Babson College’s website at www.babson.edu


The Research Council of Norway
The Research Council works to add value to the research system by funding and facilitating for research projects. The Research Council seeks to promote an integrated R&D system that supplies high-quality research, develops knowledge for dealing with key challenges to society and the business sector, fosters dynamic interaction within the R&D system nationally and internationally, and creates a framework for learning, application and innovation. The Research Council sponsor the conference and one best paper award.



Nordland County Council
Nordland County Council is working to create a positive development throughout the county for the benefit of Nordlands inhabitants. They are working to facilitate regional development through developing good communities, and contribute to the migration and recruitment to the county. One of Nordland County Council’s tasks is to facilitate research and development of society and institutions. The county council sponsor the conference and one best paper award.

Nordland County Council
Nordland County Council is working to create a positive development throughout the county for the benefit of Nordlands inhabitants. They are working to facilitate regional development through developing good communities, and contribute to the migration and recruitment to the county. One of Nordland County Council’s tasks is to facilitate research and development of society and institutions. The county council sponsor the conference and one best paper award.Nordland County Council
Nordland County Council is working to create a positive development throughout the county for the benefit of Nordlands inhabitants. They are working to facilitate regional development through developing good communities, and contribute to the migration and recruitment to the county. One of Nordland County Council’s tasks is to facilitate research and development of society and institutions. The county council sponsor the conference and one best paper award.



about bcerc

Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

Founded by Babson College in 1981, BCERC is considered by many to be the premier entrepreneurship research conference in the world.

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research papers contain the proceedings of the conference and are the most comprehensive collection of empirical research papers on entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurial Research Conference was established to provide a dynamic venue where academics and real-world practitioners, through spirited dialogue, could link theory and practice.

Each year, the Conference attracts more than 350 entrepreneurial scholars who come to hear the presentation of more than 220 papers.

A Doctoral Consortium is held in conjunction with the Conference and was created as a means to unite future entrepreneurship educators and scholars with established leaders and researchers in the field.​




There are three designated conference hotels, Scandic Havet, Scandic Bodø and Skagen Hotel. They are all located in the city centre and within short walking distance to each other. The buses will depart from Scandic Havet in the mornings for the Business School and parallel sessions. Scandic Havet is also where the Friday night Award Dinner will take place. 

All rooms must be booked before 1st of May 2016

Booking accommodation at
Skagen Hotel in Bodø

For booking, send an email to:
booking@skagen-hotel.no or
phone +47 755 19 100

Use Booking Code:UIN 080616

Skagen Hotel: NOK 1312
Single room including breakfast

For booking accommodations at the
Scandic Havet & Scandic Bodø,

please click the following link:
Or call Scandic booking and customer service:
+ 47 23 15 50 00

Please use the following Booking Codes:
For the Scandic Havet - Booking Code: BUNI080616
For the Scandic Bodø - Booking Code: BUIN080616

If you want to book room before and after the conference, before June 7 or after June 12 , please send an email to: havet@scandichotels.com             

Scandic Havet: NOK 1445
Single room including breakfast
Scandic Bodø: NOK 1312
Single room including breakfast



 Please Note

The Scandic Havet Hotel, Scandic Bodø and the Skagen Hotel have no rooms available for Saturday evening, June 11th 2016, but do have rooms available from June 8th, with check-out on Saturday, June 11th, 2016.

If you need room reservations from Saturday evening, June 11th to Sunday, June 12th, you will need to stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Please send an email to:
bodo@berg-hansen.no or Phone: +47 75500810: Booking code: Babson and book a room at Radisson Blu Hotel.

Price Radisson Blu:
Single room: NOK 1735 Included breakfast
Business class room: NOK 1935 included breakfast


Please also Note: If you want to book a room before and after the conference, before June 7th or after June 11th, please send an email to havet@scandichotels.com Thank you.

If you have a problem with your reservation, please contact Anita.Eide@nord.no at Nord University Business School.

Thank you

For detailed map, see Google Maps.  


After arriving at Bodø Airport, you can take the bus or a taxi to your hotel in the city (5 min) or to the university (15 min). Bodø airport is also known for being located close to the city, and you can therefore literally “go-to-gate” from you hotel. If you choose to walk, it might take about 15-20 minutes.
There is a bus stop and taxi station right outside the main entrance of the airport.

Bodø taxi is 07550. (Norway`s country code is +47). Taxi fares are quite expensive in Norway, and cost around 300-400 NOK from the airport to the University.

A shuttle bus will depart every morning from Scandic Havet to Nordland University where the parallel sessions will take place. You can also take the city bus between the university and Bodø city during the day. The buses also go to the airport. It goes every 15 minutes (during the day) and takes about 15-25 minutes. The ticket cost approximately 38 NOK. You can find the Bus timetable here or you can call (+47) 177 for questions about the routes and itinerary.

Bodø/Nordland taxi call center 07550
You can also send a text message to order a taxi – send the word TAXI to 2233.
If you are calling from outside of Norway, the number is +4722388309

Car rentals
Budget – Bodø Airport – Telephone +47 94804333
Hertz – Bodø Airport – Telephone +47 75548400
Avis – Bodø airport – Telephone +47 75541000
Website (in Norwegian) 
or call (+47) 61051910

Airport/flight information
or call (+47) 67033500


what to do in bodø

Want to experience the High-north? Traveling tips before and after the Babson conference.

Arctic Wildlife - Golfing - Saltstraumen - King Crab Safari -  Narvik - Midnight Sun Kayaking - Spitsbergen - Deep Sea Fishing - North Cape - Arctic Circle -  Vikings - Cykling - Island Adventures - Rorbu Cabins - Mountain Hiking - Bird Watching - Fjords and Mountains - World Heritage - Whale Safari - Northern Lights - Lofoten Islands - Bodø - Lyngen Alps - Sami Adventures - National Tourist Routes - Finnmarksløpet - Arctic Race - Frozen - Salted

More information? Look here:

Northern Norway Traveling Tips: http://www.nordnorge.com/en  

Visit Bodø: http://www.visitbodo.com/en  

Lofoten Islands (neighboring area to Bodø): http://www.lofoten.info/en  

Hurtigruten - a daily passenger and freight shipping service along Norway's western and northern coast: https://www.hurtigruten.co.uk/  


Photo: Terje Rakke - Nordic Life / www.nordnorge.com / Bodoe Vaagan 

Bodø offers a unique countryside or urban pleasures, whether you are here for two days or two weeks, see tripad visor for more information.

The Lofoten Islands are also a pleasure to visit if you are here for a few days extra. You can either go there by the express boat (Bodø-Svolvær)  or Hurtigruten. See lofoten.info for more information about what Lofoten has to offer.

Photo: Chris Craggs / www.nordnorge.com / Vaagan


the city of bodø

Bodø is Northern Norway's second largest city with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. It is situated north of the Arctic Circle and offers fascinating and contrasting seasons, from midnight sun in June to polar nights in December. The town is a communication centre with a busy airport, and offers good bus, railway and boat connections. Bodø is a distinctive student town with a lively cultural scene and night life.

Photo: Tommy Andreassen -  www.nordnorge.com 

Bodø is situated at a peninsula, and the city centre is compact with shops and restaurants within walking distance from all hotels. It is actually possible to walk from the airport to the city centre in 10 minutes. Public transport is good and the infrastructure is built to suit pedestrians and cyclists. Norway in general has a low crime rates and Bodø is a peaceful town.
 Photo: Tommy Andreassen/www.nordnorge.com


Climate and weather conditions 
When coming abroad people often ask how cold it is in Bodø, assuming that a town above the Arctic Circle has to be freezing cold. The truth is that the Norwegian coastline is heated by the Gulf Stream and it never actually becomes very cold. When comparing the mean temperature in Bodø in June (13.4C/56F) to Glasgow (13.1C/55F), Jönköping

(14.5C/58F) and Gent (15.0C/59F) where some previous BCERC conferences in Europe have taken place, it seems that the Bodø weather experience will be not very different. However, there is one exception: In Bodø you will experience 24h daylight and hopefully the Midnight Sun in June! To learn more about Bodø weather, please look at www.yr.no

Photo: Terje Rakke - Nordic Life/ www.nordnorge.com

Dining out
Bodø offers restaurants, cafes and pubs of all sorts. It is possible to visit fine dining and having a high quality four course meal including a wine menu for approx. NOK 1000 ($120). Pizza places are easy to find. The price for 16’’ pizza is approx. NOK 200 ($25). Ethnic cuisines such as Spanish tapas, Indian curry, Sushi, Chinese and Thai are also popular.               

Visiting Norway, a fish meal is recommended and several restaurants offer good Norwegian cuisine. Gratuity is not mandatory but given if you feel the service deserves it. It is very popular to buy shrimps from the fishing vessels and eat them by the quay. We absolutely recommend it!

Photo: Terje Rakke - Nordic Life / www.nordnorge.com

Shopping is good in Bodø as the town also is a regional centre, there are two malls; one in the city centre (Glasshuset) and one a 20 minutes’ walk from the city centre (City Nord). The City Nord mall has frequent bus connections from the University Campus as well as from the city centre. Nordic design articles are found in many shops. For instance, Norwegian handicraft is bought at Husfliden. Swedish glass art (e.g. Orrefors), Finnish Marimekko and Ittala products, as well as The Moods of Norway fashion wear are found in several stores. For non-European citizens it is possible to shop “tax free”, i.e. to get the tax refunded when leaving Norway (http://www.taxfreeworldwide.com/norway).


To learn more about Bodø see www.visitbodo.no and Welcome to a taste of the North




It might be so that some of you might need a Visa to enter Norway, in which case we will send you a formal invitation/acceptance letter for the Conference. If you are in doubt whether or not you need a Visa, we advise you to check The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s web site. If you need an acceptance letter, please contact Adviser Anita Eide Nord University Business School.



The welcoming reception on Wednesday will be at Stormen - Bodø public Library.



On Thursday, the dinner will be held at Pelle Molins Plass in a Lavvu, which is a tent traditionally used by the Sami people. Hopefully the weather will be nice, but a warm jacket is recommended, in addition to good shoes.


The award dinner on Friday will be held at Scandic Havet.

The map is marked with the locations for the venues on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. It also show where you can find the Tourist Information and Shopping Malls.
For detailed map, see Google Maps.

contact information

Professor Gry Agnete Alsos            
Nord University Business School
Phone: +47 75 51 76 51
E-mail: gry.a.alsos@nord.no   ​

Senior Researcher Elisabet Ljunggren
Nordland Research Institute
Phone: +47 75 41 18 29
E-mail: elisabeth.ljunggren@nforsk.no

Senior Advisor Anita Eide            
Nord University Business School
Phone: +47 75 51 76 67
E-mail: anita.eide@nord.no ​

P.O.Box 1490
N-8049 Bodø

Nordland Research Institute


 Nord University Business School