About the Business School

Since the establishment in 1985, thousands of students have graduated from the faculty in the areas of business administration, accounting, auditing and IT.

The location in the High North and excellent learning facilities make Nord University Business School an important faculty for teaching and research. It focuses on business education, research, post-school training and business development.

The Business School admits about 1000 students each year to its various ­programmes at bachelor and master level. A total of about 2600 ­students are currently enrolled at the Business School, continuing a strong upward trend. The Business School forms part of Nord University at present totalling about 220 staff members.

Mørkved, located 10 km east of Bodø's city centre, is the centre of the university's activities. The Business School was founded with the establishment of the main campus in 1985 and since then more than 3,000 students have graduated from our business programme Siviløkonom.


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Erlend Bullvåg​Dean
​755 17275
Terje Mathisen​Vice-dean, Research
​755 17637
Levi Gårseth Nesbakk​Vice-dean, Education
​755 17695
Frode Soelberg​Head of MBA programmes
755 17690
Rikke Mo Veie​​Head of trafic studies
​​748 23712
Anatoli BourmistrovHead of section - Economic Analysis and Accounting
​755 17673
Einar Rasmussen​Head of section - Innovation and Entrepreneurship
​755 17153
Frode Nilssen​Head of section - Market, Strategy and Management
​755 17701
Ståle Lødemel​Head of section - Traffic
​748 23726
Frode MellemvikHead of High North Center
​755 17705
Kjell Stokvik​Head of Centre for High North Logistics (CHNL)
​755 17655
Steinar Stene-Sørensen​Faculty Director
​755 17653
Ellen AbelgårdHead of Office
​755 17668


Steinar Stene-Sørensen
​Faculty Director
​755 17653
Ellen AbelgårdHead of Office
​755 17668
Truls DidriksenHigher Executive Officer
​755 17884
Anita Eide​Senior Adviser
​755 17667
Pernille Høgseth Hansen​Adviser 
​755 17640
Grete Ingemann KnudsenSenior Adviser
​755 17677
Anita KransvikAdviser 
​755 17652
Kathrine MathisenAdviser ​755 17831
Ellen SirnesSenior Adviser
​755 17023
Ellinor Ida KirkfjellAdviser ​755 17646
Johanna PetterssonHigher Executive Officer
​755 17659
Iris Ørnhaug​Graphic Designer / Web Adviser
​755 17149
Ida Marie Knutsen
Higher Executive Officer
755 17808
Sandra Wiik
755 17879
Kaja von Kwetzinsky-Stetzenkow
Graphic Designer / Web Adviser
755 17908
Torstein Alfred Gustavsen​Studiestedskoordinator​741 12169
Mona Øien McGawleyHigher Executive Officer
​741 12279
Mildrid PedersenAdviser ​741 12261
​Anne Marie BekkedalHigher Executive Officer
​74 82 37 61
Cathrine Wettergren MosengSenior Adviser
​74 82 37 19
Sidsel Harriet Forslund JohnsenHigher Executive Officer
​74 82 37 11
Synnøve Myrvang​Senior Executive Officer
​74 82 37 67
Renate Nyborg EikremAdviser 
​74 82 37 13
​​Anne Sofie Andaas ElgseterAdviser ​74 02 26 73


Business School, Nord university

The Research Committee is a committee of the Business School responsible for case preparations and decisions concerning recruitment, research and research education.

Terje Mathisen (vice-dean, research - leader)
Frank Lindberg (programme manager PhD.)
Anatoli Bourmistrov
Frode Nilssen
Einar Rasmussen
Ståle Lødemel
Marit Breivik (PhD candidate)
Grete Knudsen (secretary)

Business School, Nord university

The Education Committee at the Business School is a coordinating committee in matters relating to study-relating and quality. 

Levi Gårseth-Nesbakk (leader)
Anneke Leenheer
Frode Fjelldal-Soelberg​ 
Nina Kramer Fromreide
June Borge Doornich
Rikke Mo Veie
Thomas Leirvik
Øyvind Hanssen
Elena Dybtsyna
Torstein Gustavsen
Jan Gunnar Jenssen (student)
Christian August Buchholdt (student)