Research at the Business School

The Business School conducts research at high international level within business studies and other fields that form a natural part to the faculty's disciplines. Our activities reinforce the development of innovative, creative and internationally oriented research, with the aim to be one of the internationally leading research institutions within the faculty's key subject areas. 

Our researchers regularly publish articles in leading international refereed journals and participate in many international conferences related to the various business fields. Our academic community also continuously participates in the implementation of international research projects, and we anticipate to annually host international conferences and seminars at the Business School. This provides an important impetus to the academic environment and represents a fundamental prerequisite for the academic staff to provide quality research-based teaching.

Strategic priorities

InternationalisationThe Business School will strengthen its international position by further developing strategies for its key research areas, by pursuing higher education cooperation, and by being in the center of High North strategy efforts.

Key research areas: Bodø Graduate School of Business will further develop its research groups, centres and education towards high European standards.

Recruitment: The faculty will increase its proportion of outstanding academics (particularly female academics) that are employed by Bodø Graduate School of Business.

Research production: The Business School will increase the number of high-quality international publications and sustain research production at a high level.

The key research areas of the Business School are:


Research focuses, amongst other things, on the factors that characterise and promote entrepreneurial activity, and the ways public authorities can take necessary measures to enable a high rate of innovation in trade and business.


Research focuses, amongst other things, on the fundamental behaviour of private and public corporations, and how this can be understood and assessed, while at the same time ensuring sustainable development.


Research especially concentrates on financial management in the public sector, as well as large national and international organisations.


Research focuses particularly on energy, trade, fishery, tourism and travel activities in the High North with the aim to develop new competencies and provide assistance to companies, organisations and public institutions that wish to increase their participation in these areas of activity.

Other research areas central to the Business School are listed below:

Logistics and transport economics

Management and marketing of experience-based tourism

Protection and emergency planning

Maritime Business and Management
This academic work is shared by departments and centres at the Business School. 

Research Departments:

  • Business Administration and Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Organisation
  • Marketing, Environment and Social Responsibility
  • Financial Analysis
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