Applying smart frameworks to Arctic cities

Andreas Raspotnik
From public discourse to media narrations, the Arctic is most often constructed as an uninhabited, aesthetically spectacular land of ice and snow.

​Researcher Andreas Raspotnik from the High North Center is one of the authors of this paper, whic considers established metrics for smart city development and evaluates their suitability for implementation in Arctic urban settlements. 

To do this, the entry first surveys smart city literature and the standardization of “smartness” metrics, with particular interest in the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) categorization efforts. It then proposes a northern framework of measurement to evaluate smart cities that adjusts smart metrics from current non-Arctic scholarship to the relatively low populations, peripheral development, remote locations, and harsh climate conditions of the circumpolar north. 

Exploring this is important because these frameworks have implications for how policymakers in northern regions choose to plan and implement their city strategies.

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