Bachelor, master and PhD students, come here

High North Dialogue 2021
This is your unique chance and opportunity to present your ideas about social and Arctic development.

The High North Dialogue conference is an annual conference that brings together major stakeholders concerned with Arctic development. The purpose of the event is to encourage and facilitate dialogue between stakeholders to promote sustainable development in the Arctic, as well as information sharing and discussion of best practices.

This year’s topic is “Business in the Arctic – The Perspectives of the Young”. Our focus is on what happens in business and societies in the Arctic and what this means, especially for young people.

Present your ideas​​

High North Dialogue Research Workshop this year is especially focused on young people’s participation. We invite bachelor students, master students, and PhD students to present and discuss their ideas and projects concerned with social-economic and industrial Arctic development and connect with similarly minded scholars across academic fields and institutions.

The workshop aims at inspiring young researchers for further activity and creating scientific network connections among young students. Students will have the opportunity to present their papers, discuss the Arctic development’s key issues from a multidisciplinary perspective, and get feedback from professors and qualified experts of Nord University Business School, Northern Arctic Federal University, and other partner universities. We believe that the workshop will motivate students to keep on their research in the international and interdisciplinary context.

How to join​

The research workshop is a side-event of the annual High North Dialogue conference. The workshop is organised by High North Center for Business and Governance, Nord University, Norway, and Higher School of Economics, Management and Law, Northern Arctic Federal University, Russia, in cooperation with Murmansk Arctic State University and Murmansk State Technical University.

We invite you to submit a short summary of your idea/proposal/project concerned with the workshop’s topic by April 16, 2021 (maximum 400 words).  Selections will be made by April 21, 2021, and those selected will be asked to present their paper. There is also a possibility to join the workshop without presentation and participate in discussions only.

Contact information:

Elena Zhurova, PhD, Adviser, High North Center for Business and Governance, Nord University. Tel. +47 755 17 124/ mob. +47 936 84 061, E-mail:

Uliana Yakusheva, PhD, Associate professor, Northern Arctic Federal University. Email:​


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