Have a nice summer

It's summer in the Arctic even though there's always activity here at the High North Center, there will be slightly less activity in July and August.

Employees and associates of the High North Center in front of the Jektefarts museum in BodøSummer: Employees and associates of the High North Center for Business and Governance in front of a summer filled scene at the Jektefarts museum in Bodø. Photo: Hogne Bø Pettersen/High North Center

We would like to wish all our employees, colleagues, partners, contacts, students, friends and everyone we have been in contact with in a thus far very hectic year, a really nice summer. 

We hope you will have some time to relax and enjoy the summer. But if you want to reach us, just get touch! Someone is always here.

Have a nice summer!

All the best from us at the High North Center.

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