Reexperience High North Dialogue 2022

Dr. June Borg Doornich moderating a panel during High North Dialogue 2022 at Stormen library in Bodø. She has a HND rollup next
Did you miss this year's conference? Or is there something you would like to show others? Here is your chance!

​April 6 and 7 almost 600 participants took part in the High North Dialogue conference in Stormen library in Bodø, Norway. 

The feedback has been great, and the unique opportunity that the students have when it comes to meeting decision makers, business people and other expterts on the Arctic, makes High North Dialogue a unique conference. 

Many have wanted to see the recordings from the conference, and these have now been published.

You can see all the panels in this playlist:

You can see all the Side Events in this playlist:

We have also created a photo album: 
High North Dialogue 2022

We have already started planning HND 2023, and you can follow our progress on our homepage.

The title for next year's conference is High North Dialogue 2023 - Business in the Artcic - Spaces of Opportunities and will take place in Bodø, Norway, April 19 and 20.